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Close to getting a family dog for the 1st time. Our daughter is 13 & she is VERY keen. Currently at the breed-selection stage. We’d like a medium-large dog, intelligent, moderately active, trainable, low-shedding, low maintenance, playful, loyal & a decent watch dog.

Have looked a Labs, Standard Poodles, Lagotto Romagnolos. Growing keen on a Curly Coated Retriever having checked them out at the Dog Lover’s Show on the weekend. Thoughts?

I had a (black) lab when I was a kid. I would love another one but our 4 year old boy needs to be that little bit bigger. I have no qualms with having another lab whatsoever but our yard is too small, we still have a pet rabbit and they just would not get along. The size of the lab would scare Thomas a bit so I think we would need to wait a few more years. I would be ok with a labradoodle if it was more lab than poodle.

I’m thinking of another pup in the future, and my preferences are identical to yours. I’ve narrowed it down to one breed - an Airdale.

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Pure breds = pure problems, not to mention the stupid expense,

Go for a bitzer everytime.



I love Labs, but they shed too much for my wife. On face value a Labradoodle would be perfect for us, but the dog nuts we know have steered us away, mainly I think because the breeding lines are not well established, so you are just as likely to end up with a neurotic, shedding dog as a non-shedder with a Lab temperament.

We had a long-haired German Shepherd when I was a kid. It was a beautiful animal, but I’m told they have imported lines that have problematic temperaments and health issues in recent years.

I’ve owned 3 German Sheps. Absolutely love them.


Why an Airedale? I considered them briefly but was told they are a handful, difficult to train & hate being left alone. Cool-looking king-of-the-terriers tho.

I began by looking at rescue dogs, but everytime a dog came up I was interested in, it was snapped up (so to speak) in no time. Also, you do hear of animals with behavioural problems that only emerge after a couple of months.

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Just as a for instance …

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That Malamute Lab cross looks like a worthwhile exercise.

Potential new breed there.

The Labramut - latest designer breed.

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Hmmm. I didn’t get that negative feedback.
Now I’m depressed.

This was posted by an Airedale nut in response to my questions around Curly Coated Retrievers on the Dogz Online site. I don’t have any personal experience with Airedales, but they definitely have their fans, so probably great provided you are prepared.

I’ve had a few CCR’s over the years. They are a highly intelligent breed and tend to be aloof but love to be part of the family and to please you. There are some dodgy temperaments but there is in any breed. They are independent and can tend to be a one person dog. Ours never were although they did favour one person in the house. One of ours was very protective. No one would have gone in the back yard before being introduced to the dog and she tended to want to be the one that instigated any contact with a new person. Her breeding was not the best lines.
_I guess living with Airedales for many years gave me an idea of how difficult a dog can be to train, CCR’s were easy compared with the Airedale. _
One thing that was a negative is that they can be escape artists. They do not like being confined. As a rule ours was fine in the back yard but try to put them in a crate and they would break out of it. I’m sure not all are like that though.
I did not find the puppy period particularly extended but then again I have Airedales. I would much prefer to have a CCR from a puppy than get an adult however, having said that there are some wonderful CCR’s looking for a new home through the CCR Club of Victoria.

They are my second favourite breed.

I would definitely recommend not getting a Lindsey Thomas. Terrible breed.
On the other side, i owned a pug. Was a fkn champion.



A grub is not a dog.

German Short Haired pointer.

Smart, easily trainable, loving, short hair, loves exercise… down side is they are working endurance dog… so they like big walks aka: runs for 10klms daily. IMO.

well the one i had did.

I have wondered what having a Cocker Spaniel I like cute dogs. I have a mate who had a King Charles Cavalier (named Jetta) and he was a cool dog, cute and friendly.

I’m looking for a Goldador puppy. Hard to find in Perth at the moment.

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Had a couple of Cocker spaniels as a kid. They were fantastic pooches.

Friendly, fiercely loyal, and totally unselfish, … didn’t even mind sharing their Dog Chow with me.

I was like 5, and thought if it was good enough for them, it was fkn well good enough for me.

Tasted fine.


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