The Don Pod

Hello Dons fans,

We’re the Don Pod.

Myself (Sam) & another Blitz user (Nath… aka Roys Robots) started a podcast midway through last season. We talk footy all the time, and one day decided to just hit record and post it on the internet… because you know, what else do you do these days!

We’ve been growing steadily over the last little while, but really want to share it with more and more people. This allows us to have more interaction with our listeners, and get some more constructive feedback on how we can improve. It would be awesome to see some Blitzers getting in the comments & interacting with us.

Lastly, the club were very generous and have given us a home match footy (Yakult logo & shiny gold EFC logo… traditional, not 150 years) signed by the players to give away. All you have to do to win is be subscribed to our YouTube channel when we win our first game for 2022. Fingers crossed, that’ll be this week, but who knows.

All the links you need:

Ok, now the important stuff is out the way, just one more bit from me… I know there are a few Essendon podcasts out there, and at least two of which have threads on Blitz. We’re here to offer a different opinion, not be in competition with the other Podcasts. We’re happy to work with other Pods if something came up :slight_smile:


Nice one guys, enjoy it.

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Hi again,

Apologies to bump - I hadn’t planned on doing this again, but our review of the Crows game in on YouTube and soon to be on Apple & Spotify. Apologies for my worst intro ever :slight_smile:

The reason for my post is actually to try get in touch with the winner of the signed footy! A man by the name Kane Knights (specifically, the Kane Knights subscribed to us on YouTube) has won the footy. This is totally my fault (never done a giveaway before, clearly!). I can’t contact people on YouTube the way I thought I could so I need Kane to reach out either here, on Facebook or anywhere so we can get his footy to him. If you know Kane, please let him know! (His YouTube channel Kane Knights - YouTube)

Hi guys, enjoying the pod. One criticism… the audio levels have been unbalanced so the guy on the left is ok but the guy on the right is hard to hear… makes it really difficult to listen to. This week, the preview of the anzac day game, the audio is so low for both its hard to hear even with the volume at max. It would be great if you could get that right because id like to hear what you have to say.

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Thanks mate! Appreciate the honest feedback. I’m still working on this sort of stuff… one of the downsides of not being in the same room. Will tweak some stuff for tonight & go from there.

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Great… hopefully it can be sorted out … i will definitely be tuning in to your next episode.

Cheers guys… audio good thos week. Enjoying pod. Thanks.