The EFC wheelchair footy thread

Go bombers!!
Good luck and well done to all involved.
Champions no matter what!!


This is not accessible design…

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Sorry boss but what’s that supposed to mean?
Hope I’m getting it wrong.

The players et al take the produce home at these launches. But if I’m in a wheelchair, I can reach about 20% of this.

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Plus to get to the top of the pile, we’d need a ramp or a scissor lift (or the like).
That’s also a lot of wasted fruit.

We were 23 points behind at three quarter time but Sam Miraldo kicked four in the last quarter and we ran out winners 69-61!

Stream (and replay later?) below:


We looooove beating Collingwood.
But well done both teams, many kudos to you all.

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Well done guy’s and well done to Sam Miraldo on kicking 4.


Grand final replay starts 1pm to determine if we Win The Weekend (we need a 4 point win).

From last week:

Scott van Gemert - Essendon Football Club
39 Disposals
31 Effective Disposals
25 Marks
3 Clearances
6 Score Assists
207 Ranking Points


Vincent Naidu - Richmond Football Club (as shown in their team image)
23 Disposals
15 Marks
4 Clearances
10 Goals
3 Score Assists
175 Ranking Points

Stream will be at:

Stream at:

Hawks made a 50 point comeback earlier!!!

Maraldo did a Bewick, “handballing” into the “legs” of a Tigger to get an on-the-full.

Need to straighten up: we trail 1.4.10 to 3.1.19 at quarter time.

Now 3.6.24 trailing 5.1.31… we’re playing better, but geez.

Logan on 2.4 for us.

Maraldo-Logan-Maraldo huge one-two to make it 30-31 but the Tiggers instantly respond.

MARALDO unleashes a huge bomb on the half-time siren to put us in front!

6.6.42 leads 6.2.38

This is the current Win The Weekend ladder… it’s on!

Team For Against Result Percentage
VFLW 26 28 L 93%
VFL 82 84 L 98%
AFL 71 70 W 101%
VWFL 42 38 W 111%
TOTAL 221 220 2 - 2 100.45%

Back and forth, 49-44 after a Maraldo set shot goal.

Maraldo has taken a tumble and is in trouble/injured.


Logan has fallen three times today.

Logan marks with 20 seconds left… and GOALS!

Moves to 4.5 personally.

We lead 8.8.56 (BROTHER) to 8.3.51

Tigers running with TWO big girls this final quarter.