The "FFS umpiring, FFS" thread


For farks sake. We got royally reamed up the date until 10minuted to go in the last. That was so bizarre.


Did we? Didn't notice it.


I thought we had a charmed run, personally.


We did well tonight.

Sydney are usually the umpires favorites. Although Goodes isn't playing anymore.


All I know is that we got 2 goals from frees in the last. Mckernan's was there, but was very soft. Hurley's 50m was I presume from being infringed off the ball while we had it, and again, it is a rule, but is rarely used.
TBF, both times we were a chance to kick goal even if the frees hadn't been paid. McKernan had marked 40 out on a severe angle when Hurley was given the 50. McKernan is a very good set shot. And Rax or Fanta was running onto the loose ball when the whistle went for McKernan's free. Nonetheless, in years gone by, the umpires would have found a holding free for Sydney right in front. (Is Bolton still playing?).
And we had the benefit of 2 very line ball touched reviews.


yep - that's the best run from the umps we've gotten interstate in like forever.


Swans fans all around me were going nuts about the umps all night. It was a nice feeling as we normally get reemed by them up there




Nothing wrong with the umps as far as we were concerned.
We managed to get the rub of the green and still couldn't win because of our stupidity.


Only issue I have is I reckon that was holding the man against Rohan when he grabbed Gleeson and threw him out of the way to take thst mark at the end. (Gleeson really needs to put on a few kgs.) How is that legal?

And Luke Parker should be reported for elbowing Baguley to the neck/throat just before the opening bounce. Umpire 37 was right there FFS.


Here it is, umpires don't influence games?

Clear push in the middle of the back under the ball, creates easy clearance, they win the game.


They missed a free right in front the push in the back to TBC with seconds to play. And to make it worse the umpire was not more than a metre away watching it happen.


That was as good a run of umpiring we will ever get at the SCG


Or anywhere. If I was a swans fan I would have been furious at the umpiring.


I think it goes to show you. Play attacking footy and be first to the ball, you tend to get looked after. They were whistle happy though last night.


Sydney fans are muppets, and have no idea about the rules. Every decision against them they boo, and every one they get they cheer regardless of whether they are there or not. You would think 30+ years of a team in Sydney they would have learned.

As to the game, we had a good run. We got a couple that we should not have and some were missed.


You beat me to it.


Just saw that throw in again - Belly didn't even stage for the free/ blatant push in the back with one hand that put him out of the contest. How the hell do they miss the obvious one with 4 of the maggots on stage.


Just on the line ball reviews, what were the original decisions by the goal ump? It was a bit hard to pick up on Tv.


Posted in match review but McGrath touched that Florent goal.