The Forster Knight Influence

Someone who does fly under the radar in terms of profile, but since taking on an increased role at the club has helped to pick the eyes out of the draft. I remember hearing in one of Dodoro’s interviews around Ridley that he was very much a Forster Knight selection and that RFK wouldn’t have spoken to him again if he didn’t select him😂. Highly rated in the industry.


I’ve heard that Rob Forster-Knight’s very successful drafting philosophy is “make sure you don’t draft players like Rob Forster-Knight”.


Played 2 games in one weekend; ressies on Sat then called up to AFL on Sun. That’s the extent of my memory of RFK as a player.

Google tells me he was drafted pick 72 in the fifth round of the 1999 national draft and played 31 games including a final before being delisted after the 2003 season.

Port Adelaide picked him with pick 39 in the 2003 National draft, but he did not play any senior games for the club and was delisted after the 2004 season. He was drafted with the Port Adelaide’s second pick in the rookie draft for the 2005 season, and delisted for a third time at the end of that season.

He worked from 2011 to 2018 as a recruiting officer for the Essendon Football Club, where he was noted for using his experience with sports science as part of his job. In August 2018, he was promoted to be Essendon’s National Recruiting Manager.


I thought it was 2 games in one day. Reserves I. The arvo, then someone got injured in warm up for the seniors and he backed up?

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If this is true, he has earnt his pay packet, at least for the year of the Ridley draft. I will be interested to hear of anymore selection gems he has made, or will make going forward.


Nope - Sat then Sun.

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With the Dodoro thread going mental since a practice match, what do people think of Forster-Knight’s performance?

So ignore anything about trading, contract lengths and list balance - how do you rate our talent identification at the drafts?

How long has he been in the position of talent identification?
Just for a little context.

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I think his first draft was 2019? Harry Jones, Nick Bryan, Ned Cahill and Lachie Johnson


Per Linked-In he became Recruiting Manager in August 2018. But he was Recruiting Officer (Talent Identification and Recruting Analytics Manager) since 2011


Great topic. Thank you. Want to know more about this guy.

I have no idea what this guy does, I just know he is ■■■■ at it.


To be totally honest, you would say not that good, but that would only be if looking at the players in isolation, which you honestly can’t do. You have to take into consideration illness, injury, rehab, training, development, opportunities and sheer bloody luck. You could draft Dustin Martin and one key difference in any of the above could mean a triple premiership, triple Norm Smith medallist could have been washed up after 5 games. You would also then have to identify which players specifically he pushed for over Dodoro, if any, and who he may have relied on third party information to draft.


His hair is immaculate, always shiny and not a strand out of place… that’s all I know about him.

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He is our National Recruiting Manager.

Has a very strong jawline.

They could reuse that headline when Forster Knight steps up and replaces Dodo.

If we drafted Dustin Martin do you or anyone think he’d have fulfilled his potential at Essendon in the past 15 years?

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Probably responsible for drafting Martin while Dods got the kudos.

Martin wouldn’t have survived the chop stick incident at efc.

Then would have been redrafted at Pies or Swans under the no ■■■■■■■■ policy.