The "Good Reply" thread - Is anyone interested, can you pull it off Rolo?

@BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS made a suggestion of a best of thread for trade related posts to cut through the crap:

Why not just go for a Best of Blitz thread where every post with a “Good Reply” badge (10 likes) gets posted automatically?

Would this be easy to set up @Riolio ?

Would people be interested?

Maybe there could be a thread for each category, to make each thread more relevant to the other posts.


Blitz isn’t at its best with stuff that matters. Sun’s out; Puns out!

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It’s not as helpful but if you go to the OT and click ‘summarise topic’ it cuts the thread down to the posts with the most likes and replies.

Goodo, I’ll give it a try

WHich will mostly be puns and gifs.

I prefer fun, not TIFFs.