As does mine. Anyone who actually reads it I view with great suspicion.


It usually goes flat or back to its base before it’s full, but needs emptying before sending out again


Stupid robot - why can’t it just empty itself??



Apparently you can get Roombas that do, you can also set a course for them to follow, they were out of my budget.


Got the Bose Qc35 noise cancelling blue tooth headphones. Crazy good on the plane and for the endless teleconferences I have. Tax deductible too.


I second this, they are outstanding.


A-maze-n smoker. Simple stainless steel tube that you fill with wood pellets, light her up and place inside your hooded BBQ. Instant smoker! Cost around 30-50 bucks



What could possibly go wrong?


Smells like Reimers.


While we’re on sheets, I got one of those new fancy foam mattresses you hear on every podcast and it’s an easy 10/10.


The memory foam ones? Tell me more (seriously)


Me too. A lazy bed one.

Super soft memory foam on top inch and a half then hard foam underneath. Great for me as a shoulder sleeper as it allows the shoulder to sink but supports everything else.

Also amazed at how slouched I must have been when n my back as now it feels my belly is going to hit the roof.

I sleep well and on pre-order it was $600 for queen size. 120 day return policy


But Bose is just hype!

Nah, they’re seriously good.


Got a Greywing from Brosa.

It’s legit the comfiest bed ever. You know when you go to a flash hotel and the bed’s way better than yours? Nope.


I highly endorse and or recommend their website design.


You know who did it?


I had made an assumption, but I guess I’m wrong?


Nah not me.



Then, in reality, the site is total ■■■■.


Do I want a SONOS speaker?