Bring the The GOOD Stuff Thread

Badically, a thread for anything that you’ve bought, borrowed or stolen that you can hands down recommend as officially good ■■■■. The kinda stuff that every time you use it, you pat yourself on the back for making such a good acquisition decision.

First off the mark is the Xiaomi Robot Vac - best invention since the dishwasher. Read rave reviews about it, bought one the other day and it’s just the best. Nothing like having you’re feet up on the coffee table enjoying a brew and this little thing passes by underneath working it’s ■■■■ for you. Purchased for $359 off eBay using a discount code. Way cheaper than it’s competitors and according to people who spend far too much time analysing these things, it sucks harder and for longer than the rest. All I know is that my place must have been real dirty because the crap this thing picks up is amazing.

Second is the Fugoo Tough Portable Speaker.

Bombproof design - waterproof, dropproof and great audio quality and the rechargeable battery lasts over 30 hours (official claim is 40 but haven’t run it this long between charges yet). Great for taking camping.


What kind of floor are you using the vacuum on?

Carpet and Tile - works well on both.

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Robot vacuums freak me out


Scared it will suck the life out of you at night?

If it sucks me at night then perhaps I should actually get one.


You want this then.

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Love my Roomba, we have floor boards and cats, it’s crazy how much cat hair it picks up every day

I have cats and floorboards - tell me - does the thing need to be ‘emptied’ every few minutes?

It needs to be emptied after about half an hour at my place - with a toddler dropping more crumbs than Hansel and Gretel.


I legit thought this thread was going to be about Egyptian cotton and 1000 count bed sheets. What has Mrs Ivan done to me?


how many pillows ivan put on bed?


Two good pillows, one each. I hate thin pillows and beds with too many pillows

probably better to say cushions then. is there a cushion chest at the foot of your bed?

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Ivan’s bedroom = full of pillows and the latest LIV journal for some light reading.

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No. Cushions belong on couches. I didn’t bring up pillows, you did.

And a dart board with TFA poster on it.


The livj goes straight in the recycling bin unopened.

I’m not liking The turn this thread had taken. Go back to talking about sucking robots

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Oh come on, she has a name.