The Great John Coleman


Afternoon all. Just doing some studying at the Local Library at Hastings and saw John Coleman’s Statue and History outside. Go past it all the time but thought you’d like to see some photo’s of it - apologies to all about the bogan who graffitied it - effing Dog.

My Dear old Dad still says he is the best PLAYER, not just Full Forward, he has seen.



No plaque outside his childhood home in Gipps St, Port Fairy, although Gregor McCasker has met with local history buffs about having one.

@Reboot and @Darli were treated to the Coleman heritage tour a couple of months back.


We could do with him


Apparently the statue was paid for by a local.


We did!

It was awesome!


Several Cap…listed on the photo that has been hit a ****head Graffiti Vandal


Who is the Fitzroy player getting humiliated in the photograph/statue?

Humiliated is pretty harsh. For every hero, you need someone to play the role of the heel.


How close is that Fitzroy guernsey to being an FCfc guernsey


Blooos and Roys, the closest 2 clubs have ever been in terms of their kits, and even then there was never a clash.


And the wrong club was folded.


using Great in thread title is pleonastic


I heard John Coleman went into the football and kicked all the goals in the football and they had to close the football




Just missing a White Russian.


To OP: Your dear old Dad is correct.

The mighty JC set records that will never be beaten. I have claimed that many times on Blitz and never been challenged. Which is in itself a rarity on Blitz.




This sounds like a job for @Henry_s_Angry_Pills