The Impossible Dream - wakey, wakey! - will we finish 9,10, 11 or 12th? How will the finals unfold?... Ladder predictor in OP


Ah, I’m with you now.

It’s also the top end. Normally there is a few sides that go through only loosing 2-3 for the season. Richmond allready has 3 losses and then a stack of sides have lost 4. Not having those close to unbeatable sides means the middle sides have picked up an extra win or two.

So the top 12ish are more even than ever before relative to the top couple and the bottom 4 are weak. Log jam in the middle.


Yeah all good points.

I’m just being biased really, as I had a good size bet on us to make the 18 at 16s before the GWS game.


“Making the 18” at good odds would certainly merit putting a good lump on - assume you also mortgaged the kids kidneys.


13 wins will get other sides in but I don’t think our percentage will be good enough


agreed, we have seriously struggled to score this year for more than a quarter or 2 a game.


It’s an unusual season.
I agree with Ivan to an extent.

No matter how you do the Predictor, it’s hard to see us getting in with 13 wins, unless we can force our % north of 110-115ish.

There might be a couple of shocks though.
WCE might be in a major form trough by the time Kennedy and Darling return.
Their 2 easiest games are WB in Perth, and Bris at the GABBA.
Neither is a certainty.
I reckon they lose their next 2 (GWS in Perth & Coll at the G), then they are 10-6 having lost 5 on the trot.

It will take 1 or 2 sides falling off a cliff, but it does happen.
If it does, 13 wins for us is achievable and could get us in.


It should be noted that 13 wins would likely be achieved by winning the next 7 for 9 wins in a row followed by losing to the tigers and port away.

Making it to 13 itself is likely close to impossible for us given our consistency over the last decade.


Can’t argue with that.


Once we beat Gold Coast by 100 our percentage will be in far better shape


I wasn’t trying for this, but it’s how it came out.


Elimination final each week


Bring it!




Pretty likely that FREO are gonna be without Fyfe and Sandilands (hammy and calf today) when we play them in a few weeks.


We need to pump Freo and GC. That’s where our required percentage lift will come from.

Most other games are going to be super tight


Please don’t remind me we lost to Freo.


Mark Neeld lost to Freo not us


Only 1 game & percentage out of 7th

Melb & Cats losing games they weren’t expected to this round has just opened things up more.

Come on boyssss!


This is such a stupid thread.

If we win all the remaining games we’ll finish well inside the eight.

Each one we lose makes it that much harder.

End of story.


Now where’s the fun in that?