The Impossible Dream - wakey, wakey! - will we finish 9,10, 11 or 12th? How will the finals unfold?... Ladder predictor in OP


Can’t agree with Collingwood.
Still need to find 3 wins from this draw.

Yep, they’ll probably get them, but who knows ?
Lost 2 important team members in 2 weeks, and Melb have shown recently how fleeting form can be.

If/once we defeat them, they will feel the heat along with a lot of other sides.


You could pencil them in against Lions and Fremantle.




Is this the lid off thread??? You optimistic punks are getting me excited.



Are you not entertained?


Fair point


I feel no shame in quoting myself.


no upsets except the ones happened last weekend and the ones that old mates reckons we’ll inflict on Sydney, Richmond and Port…

Pretty laughable…


I think we will win all the way up to the Richmond game.

Then I think we will need to win 1/2 after that against Richmond or Port away.


If we win all the way up until Richmond, we wont need to win either against Richmond or Port. That’ll be 13 wins and enough.

*but importantly, we’re probably not gonna win every game until Richmond…


If I’m reading you correctly, you’re saying we will win all the way up until Richmond.

I feel a lot better now.


Turns out you’re not reading me correctly.


That’s the way I read it.


I think we can all see what he’s saying.


If we come into finals 6-2 or better we’d be in better form to win a final than last year. I thought we’d be pushing for top 4 but inconsistency would cost us. So to make finals from here would be where I thought we’re at. Would be even more bullish on winning a final if Zaka, Parish, Gleeson and Daniher were challenging selection.
I think a few teams will create a Steven Bradbury moment for us. Only Richmond, Sydney and Port are locks.


And we play all of them on the run home with at least one win a necessity.


Richmond and Port could rest players if it doesn’t affect their position. Sydney and Collingwood are games to win and show final credentials.


How can you do a Predictor and possibly account for St.Kilda to def. Melb, or WB to roll Gee ?

Obviously, there are some slight upsets in my Predictor such as Adelaide to def. WC, which incidentally I was off by 1 point in guessing the exact score (no really, go check the OP Rd.15 non-Ess games), but you can’t account for wild upsets like last week.

I think it was inferred that having us down for every win was more an exercise to see where we could finish, rather than me believing 15 wins was realistic.Just having a bit of fun.
Of course you will always get wet blankets like choppsuey I guess.

Maybe, maybe, right now, at this present time (am I being clear enough?) we are the 2nd best side.
Coll, Syd, Haw all those sides are in trouble with our current form and personnel, maybe even Port.


You’re saying leave the last weekend in September free.
I hear you.