The mental health thread

Keep posting. Anything.

What’s happening at your joint today?

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This is the important part. Being able to tell someone/anyone that what you are feeling or going through right now is what counts. Keep it up and keep posting.


Is this you moving from here to US or other way around.

Sounds ■■■■ either way. hang tough mate

Back to Melbourne in September last year after 10 years in Colorado.

For those worried about me - I’m gonna be okay. I’m glad I said it. I need this farking election to pass. I find the conventions to be especially depressing because they tend to reinforce all of the problems I have with our system and our two monopolistic parties.

And I’ve got a potential work opportunity that may turn into something really awesome - a second chance at something I missed out on a couple of years ago, so I have some good daily motivation this week.


Really hope it pans out for you this time. Good luck!

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I’m not being a smart arze. If you’re looking at this thread because you are in a depressed state, it’s probably best if you don’t visit this thread:

I’m serious.

Probably best if you don’t read most of Blitz, right now.


I told work that I’m taking the rest of the week off this morning for my mental health. its been building

it felt really good. I am gonna go on a little road trip for a couple of days


so did the road trip

Halfway there my radiator hose leaked, dropped all the water and my car cooked itself lol. head on the 4wd is definitely cooked and im almost certain motor is too

when it rains, it pours. on the bright side ive been towed to the closest town that has a motel and a TV. if I ever wanted a dons win…its now :sweat_smile:



It’s a sign!

we lost


ive got a pretty long fuse. I honestly do

I’m about at the end. not figuratively, but geez, look at my last two posts

for what I have gone through in the last few months personally, for my fucken car to blow up, on my way to refresh my mental state on the day I take annual leave…i can’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling

its time for a break from blitz and football. (we are pathetic, honestly. it doesn’t help a nuffie like me) but my fkn life revolves around footy. it feels like a one way relationship with this club

im gonna go try something different. I dont know what it will be, but I need change

love ya blitz. ill be back one day


I remember a time where it felt my car mirrored my mental state. Every time my head was farked, my car would blow up and cost untolds amounts of money.

It’s not a fun feeling mate, I feel for ya.

Also remember, that you can find peace from mental illness in the most unlikeliest of places, maybe even a motel in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t totally disappear mate, check-in over the next few days.


good luck and i hope ya find the peace you’re looking for, away from football.


The head on your motor can be repaired, WOB. Look after the one on your shoulders, mate.


the next day, well…its a new day

I definitely over react in terms of “we suck, club is cooked etc” I just think that was a on flow of my day yesterday. we weren’t that bad at all last night.

I guess when you actually try to do something positive for yourself and it massively backfires on the day your doing it - that stings a little. a lot, infact

and i could never leave. im like that old armchair that has been in the corner for 17 years (literally that’s how long I’ve been here, lol) but I do need to find other enjoyment and hobbies and probably take footy a little less seriously.

anyway, I’ve got the next week off work. I am looking forward to it


I think alot of us are in the same boat re needing to find better/healthier alternatives to investing ones emotional state into, it’s just sadly the worst time for alot of us Victorians to come to that realisation, with our inability to pretty much leave the house :rofl:

but it’s a hard concept to deal with, as i’m in the same boat (just less liked here haha) i’ve been here 17 odd years( I still find it odd that people on here will say I hate essendon or enjoy a loss, i mean damn I know i can be petty but hell even i’d struggle to be that petty to stick around for that long just to supposedly rub in the face how ■■■■ the club is, for a laugh or a quick troll or whatever runs through their heads), footy has been a big part of my life and i’ve never understood how anyone could be like, argh well win or lose don’t get emotionally invested.
To me that’s the whole point of anything really, and the biggest irony i could never understand, some of the people saying it would spend big chunks of their days on an essendon fanpage telling/lecturing others about not investing too much.

but as you’ve also said it’s a habit that’s been apart of our lives for the better part of 30 odd years, and it’s hard just turning that off.

but I always try to relate supporting football back to how you’d treat people and situations in real life.
and this year to me has woken me up to the simple home truth of
you can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves, and that’s the club in a nutshell, players, coaches, supporters still don’t see much wrong with what’s going on (it’s growing, but not enough to force change), and summed up the easiest by a guy who’s out the door in 3 matches saying we’ll be a great side very quickly, while constantly producing below par performances.
you can’t help change something or someone who see’s no problem with the way they are, and the club don’t see what they are at present as a problem.

but it is hard to walk away sadly, so hopefully ya find a way to do it and find better peace in ya life, then come back and gives us other suckers advice on how to achieve it also :rofl:


I’ve tried to search the threads but I’m trying to find the link to Hirdy’s chat with Crawf.

Need to send it to a mate.

I was about to condemn you for being trite, then something occurred to me

I’m dull on account of over-use?

Close enough.