The mental health thread


Yeah, I’ve considered calling them a few times this pregnancy when my anxiety has been particularly bad.


Felt all of this too.

Not an original thought, (actually comes from a pretty silly podcast), but possibly made doubly hard as we’re generally the first gen where this is the case. by and large our fathers (born 50s/60s) went to work and our mothers looked after kids. So most of us didn’t really grow up with role models for how to juggle all of this: we’re winging it. And we’re having to set that example for our kids too, so double pressure!


Wow…this really is a great thread full of amazing people.
Brave, also. All of a sudden I like you all again.



I gotta admit being a jaded, cynical young person this sort of thread/activity makes me cringe a little bit. Sometimes I feel the whole “it’s OK to talk” can go too far and people can have a lot more talking and back-patting than action and discovery of what solutions there are.

So I stayed away from this thread, until I didn’t. And then I read every character. There have been some incredibly touching stories here and I’ve appreciated everyone sharing with us. So thank you.

I’ve done a lot of reading about a lot of things and I have some really good books people might be interested in.

From best to also good:

Lost Connections - Johan Hari. This is the second best book I’ve ever read. It explores the notion that we don’t understand depression and that the causes and solutions aren’t what we think. It takes a new/interesting look at antidepressants and the our misguided placing of all our eggs in the pharmaceutical market. It’s no crackpot conspiracy book, just a unique perspective about depression. Read it. Do yourself a favour. It gives you a different way of looking at what you might be going through - one which I think is incredibly empowering and encouraging.

Radical Acceptance - Tara Brach. This lady is basically the Elvis of Mindfulness/Buddhism. She’s a PhD and had a great podcast I recommend but this is the best starting point. Can teach you about meditation and mindfulness but also just has a different way of approaching life. Some incredibly pearls and I have proselytised many a person using the things that are discussed in this book.

The Upward Spiral - Alex Korb. This guy is a PhD who wrote this book about using neurological understanding to create an upward spiral to combat the downward spiral of depression. You don’t need a PhD to understand the downward spiral - little things lead to other little things which cause other medium things and so it goes… this is a great counter to that. Exercise has been mentioned here, there are some very easy other tricks. If you could add 1% to your mood by spending 30 seconds doing something, would you? Especially if you can do 10 of them every day/week and just give yourself that better chance of tipping the scales.

Also, The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking. Exactly what it sounds like. If the title appeals, read it.

Best of luck to everyone. From my experience there’s nothing wrong with not having the answer(s). You just need to keep asking the questions and find out what works for you.


I haven’t read Johan Hari’s book, although I do plan on it.

I heard him on a few podcasts not long ago, including 3+ hours on JRE. If you can get past his not-so-subtle socialist leanings, and some rather idealistic proposed solutions, he has probably the most interesting take on mental illness I’ve heard in many, many years.


I love him. FTR, his other book Chasing the Scream is my favourite ever book.


Is that the drug one?

Edit: went and looked myself. Yes it is.

That looks right up my alley also.


I went to forum this week run by Wayne Schwass’ pukaup foundation during his ride from Sydney to Melbourne to raise awareness for suicide prevention. He seems committed to the cause.
His story was one of winning club B&Fs and premierships but still spending lots of time at the club behind locked doors by himself, hiding in shame in case anyone discovered that he was really a worthless piece of whatever.

Also I would like to congratulate everyone who writes in this thread, and those who read but don’t post, that there hasn’t been any reference to any personal disclosures here, in any other thread on blitz. What happens in mental health thread, stays in mental health thread.


A few days ago I ran out of Lyrica, which I take to help sleep at night. Didn’t think much of missing a dose which has been a mistake. I have had terrible anxiety, heart palpitations, fevers and nausea since. I’m hoping by the end of the weekend that it should be out of my system and I can start to feel ‘normal’ again.

The anxiety…I had forgotten how terrible it is.


That doesn’t sound fun.

I reckon anxiety is worse when you don’t realise it’s happening. (I often only realise in hindsight.)

So the fact you can identify it - and why it’s happening - is a (very) small consolation, I guess?

I hope we win tomorrow for you.


Are you saying those symptoms were a result of your body ‘normalising’ as you were coming off Lyrica?


Thanks mate.

I actually thought my anti depressant had stopped working because the first night of no Lyrica led to a panic attack. Given the terrible withdrawal I’m going to stay completely off the drug. Never want to repeat this hell.

Big lesson for anyone taking medication - withdrawal should be done under medical supervision.


Yes. And from what I have read, I have another day of shitness to go.


I feel for you, panic attacks can be absolutely terrifying. No matter how many you have and how much you have learnt about them you can’t help but think ■■■■ I’m about to die. I haven’t had one for years but the thought of those butterflies building up in the stomach is not one I like to remember.
Best of luck.


been feeling really depressed all week. Just sucks. More anxiety than normal too. Gone back to taking my extra supplements, like Vitamin B, Magnesium etc so hopefully that helps.


Does exercise help? Do you have breathing exercises for anxiety? Have you got a support network to reach out too?

Are you on any prescription meds?


I’m on zoloft. Going to the gym after work. And i do a bit of mindfulness which helps. Yeah i have a few people close who i can talk to which really helps


And you have us…Blitz is ■■■■ at so many things… at this thing we are family


PM if you need to. Anxiety is just dreadful.


And always remember that you are never alone in the way you are feeling. Many more people than you can ever realise are going through what you are.
There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in the way your feeling.
I’ve come to realise lately after many years battling depression that there has been a positive to it. Once I have come out of the fog my appreciation for the happy moments is so much greater than before.
You do what you need to do to get you better, I feel for you it’s a horrible time but no matter how desperate it seems at times I promise if you keep riding it out and dealing with it, not running from it you will get better.
You are never alone!