The mental health thread


I found Lyrica to be a nasty drug. The withdrawal was awful. Hope you managed to get off it. Found it didn’t help with what it was supposed to anyway.


Thanks mate. Probably took about 2 weeks to really get it out of my system. It did help me but the dude effects outweighed the benefits.


Thanks everyone, really appreciate the support


Had seizure last weekend. Never had one before. Scared the crap out of me. Hope it’s a one off. Thoughts anyone?


Probably the wrong thread for this but feel like my life is falling down around me.


It’s not the wrong thread. If you feel that way, go and see your GP today. Ask for a mental Health plan. People will support you.


Lots of friendly, non-judgey, listening ears here.


I’m not a Dr and you should find a good one, if you haven’t already.

Every person has the capacity to have a seizure, it’s just a matter as to when that stress threshold is reached. Obviously there are concerns as to eplilepsy and doctors can arrange those tests to see if your brain function is normal. A doctor treating epilepsy told me the 1st seizure was not a pattern so he waited, but he was concerned when there was a 2nd seizure and that is when he organised tests. If it was me, I would have the tests as they are non obtrusive - but I’m not sure what normal practice is, as this was one Dr and one case.

I’d also examine my life prior to the seizure. What were your stress levels like leading up to the seizure? Stress at work? Sleep patterns? Drinking…everything that causes mental and physical stress. There may have been an external cause, but I think usually we can find some behavioural issues that contribute to most health crises that we can control.
The scary part is the complete helplessness during the seizure. Driving, swimming, climbing - these are high risk factors for all people that have seizures. So until you have sorted out what the cause was and whether it may happen again I would make some changes in my lifestyle.


Thanks for the feedback. Waiting on test results. The worst part is waiting for a 2nd seizure that may never happen. The uncertainty of it all.


Did you talk to the Dr about how you feel? And get a mental health plan?


Tis the perfect thread. We’re here to listen if that helps.


We are all here for you. As others have said a mental health plan is fantastic. Do you have people you can speak to/confide in?


Thanks so much everyone. I will discuss a mental health plan with my doctor. It will be even more important if the seizures become a more permanent part of my life.


If you ever just want a chat, shoot us a PM.




I don’t know how long you have to wait for your results, did you have an EEG ?

Make sure your doctor refers you to a Specialist Neurologist once the test/s are back.

While specialists are expensive, it’s worth it. The specialist will be able give you advice re your seizure and what type of seizure it was. Your doctor may be able to tell you also if he has some expertise in that field.

There are many, many different types of seizures, being able to pin point what type seizure it is/was will assist with what type of medication they give you to control it/them.

You say you feel your life is falling down around you, perhaps it’s due to electrical activity in your brain, which would have lead to the seizure.

In no way do I want to alarm you, but as I said above the are many, many different types of seizure (about 100 actually), they aren’t always full blown seizures. Some seizures can be just a blanking out for few seconds, some can be just a flutter of the eyelids and so forth. You may have already had some type of seizures going on without you even thinking or knowing, it was seizure. This may also be the cause of you feeling unwell and feeling like your life is falling down around you.

Please get yourself checked out by a specialist neurologist, they will be able to help you with other areas of your health as well.

Take care and keep us/me updated with how you are going (if you want to).

All the best to you


Thanks Miss Ellie, sound advice which I will follow.




Don’t be disheartened either if your plan doesn’t go well at the start either, keep at it and it will be the best thing you can do. There are good and bad in every profession and I had a couple of shockers early. My first Doctor literally said “what do you want me to do about it?” when I first spilled my guts to him and my first psych was bizarre to say the least.
I kept trying and come across some brilliant people that have changed my life in ways I am so grateful for.
Good luck on your journey I know you will kick ■■■.


Personally I think this is the best thread on here and some of the soul baring is truly amazing. The support freely given is wonderful as well.
One thing I find a bit ironic though is the derision and sledging given out towards some posters within the rest of the forum. I am all for banter and stirring but the targetted (abuse is a bit strong) comments towards a few posters is bordering on bulllying and in light of this thread, I feel some more thought should maybe go into making posts directed at other posters who have good intent, even if it seems misguided.
Obvious trolls are a different category but honest posters shouldn’t be belittled for their comments.

Just my 2 cents…