The mental health thread


Are you seeing a psychologist twist? My wife has had a long history of depression and anxiety and finds that the most helpful thing for her. Having somebody teach you strategies to counteract some of the negative thought patterns. You get the first few visits subsidised under Medicare if you get a mental health plan through your GP (Very easy). Particularly when her brother committed suicide 2 months ago, the psychologist has been really great. Encouraging and affirming that it’s ok to feel sad but there are certain things you have to do for the betterment of your mental health.


Thankyou Darli - much appreciated!


Yes. Have been on and off psychs for the better part of 3 years. Never really found the one for me as of yet. A recent push from the family has me seeking for a new one. Like a lot of people, I find it very hard to speak to people about anything, as I have no idea where these negative thoughts comes from. Social anxiety is also a huge issue with myself. With my recent job, I didn’t have the luxury to step out and have a breather - now I’ve gotten out of that job, I can now focus on getting better :):+1:


Have you read Lost Connections?


Xanax or Prozac


If you live near the Essendon area I can pm you the name of a really good psychologist I saw about 5 years ago, very switched on and compassionate - cheers


I’ve never heard of it - recommend it?


It’s amazing. And I think, goes a long way to helping us understand why we’re in this crisis of mental health


Fantastic - I’ll make sure to have a look at it.


I meant the post I made was withdrawn, but maybe you saw it before I deleted it.

(The latter at the moment btw. Xanax was no good.)


Tonight I start coming off my anti depressant. Argh. Going to feel yuck for a bit.


Don’t want to turn this into blue light but Xanax is a nasty ■■■■ to come off.
Angry, angry young man.


Nothing but admiration for Harry and his brother - no amount of British stiff upper lip would get you through losing your mum that early.
The fact neither of them yet has whacked a journo is amazing. Especially one on a moped.


There’s always someone here, if you need.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Have been waiting until I finished my last exam before stopping the medication. Will be a quiet weekend in bed for me I think.


Hope it goes great for you

We are all here if you need anything


Cold turkey? Or have you been tapering off?


Kind of cold. Am on a low dosage of a different antidepressant to treat a chronic disease so hopefully it reduces the worst of coming off pristiq. Feeling pretty ordinary today with only one day off it. Terrible sleep, shakes, sweaty and foggy brain.


Good luck.
I’ve come off a few different ones, always cold turkey, and was absolutely mortified reading some people’s withdrawal experiences. Some physical side effects but fortunately for me it was all bearable, so was bau after a couple of days.


Every time I withdraw its cold turkey. I can’t bare the slow burn - grumpy, cold sweats all that crap.
I just take myself away for a couple of days so the kids don’t see anything.
I don’t get anxiety but all I think about is what a ■■■■ dad I am.
I know I’m not but your brain goes do lally.