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I have previously.


Yep. In a big way. Also when going on to them.

“Somnolence” I believe is the scientician way of listing it in the possible side effects.


Yes tiredness and irritability. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Found it really hard to concentrate when anyone was speaking to me. I wanted them to shut up and just leave alone. When I felt tired I went to bed and slept no matter what time it was. And; I think it helped me. I hope sharing this helps you.

Just an after thought - when I was manic the anxiety helped me to come down from the mania so I could sleep by helping me come down. So, in a weird way it actually helped me.


Side effects from mine where so pronounced I had to get advice from a law talking guy


Thanks to all the Blitzers who have contributed their stories, advice and provided support. It has certainly helped me.

I just wanted to say that despite my woes coming off an antidepressant, I hope it doesn’t dissuade anyone who thinks they are experiencing depression or anxiety to seek professional help. That may include seeing a GP about antidepressants. The withdrawal symptoms, as unpleasant as they are, pale in comparison to the benefit I received from having been on them.


Yes. But my anxiety was more of a problem. It’s an awful feeling being completely exhausted but unable to sleep. The tiredness for me was caught up with the brain snaps/shocks and disorientation. I still get them.

Just want to say that coming off Effexor was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I won’t go into detail and I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from doing it, but make sure you’ve got good support .


If i were in charge I’d set up areas in mental health units for people who need to withdraw from antidepressants. You definitely need to have support to do it.


Exercise, Valium and family helped me. Although then I had to get off Valium.

But just stick to what your doc or shrink says.



I’ve never had it, but I watched two different exes try to ween off it, and I can’t believe how intense their reaction was. With one of them, if she happened to even forget a day or run out at an awkward time, she’d be an absolute mess.

It appears to be a particularly difficult one to come off.


There’s actually not enough spaces for people with full-blown, delusional psychosis - let alone garden variety depression pts…


There’s a homeless guy that sleeps sometimes on a vacant block just up from us. Some mornings he comes down to the edge of the street and sits in the morning sun before he shuffles off for the day. Some morning he’s talking to himself, some mornings he’s giggling like a loon and some mornings he just looks so sad you wonder if that’s the last time anyone will see him.
you desperately want to help, but you know throwing him 10 bucks or giving him a feed won’t help too much. What if he stays, what if there becomes an expectation on you. Are your family ok? You walk past him and you may as well not be there. I’ve been told it’s schizophrenia and they’ve got to put themselves up for help before anyone can do anything. You can speculate but they could have family that want to help but he’s he’s either too far gone, has family that have burnt him or just no family at all.
I feel so judgemental even feeling like this. You feel guilty for even feeling bad because it’s probably nothing compared to what people in his situation go through. I don’t even know it’s the system that’s to blame. These days there seems to be those just flat out beyond help.


Once upon a time, hospitals use to help with that. Now, unless you can afford do pay to go into a private hospital, where you can get treatment which many people can only wish was freely available. I have private health cover but it is very expensive.

I wouldn’t withdraw again from my meds at home even with other meds to aid withdrawal painlessly, as fitting is one of the side effects. Too hard emotionally for my family overseeing the process.


My sister in law had to go into care at a hospital after she had her baby. Hormones knocked her so out of whack so bad she thought she was Mary Magdalene. Meds made her worse for a bit, not that you can get much worse than thinking you’re jesus bit on the side, but to see her go from that to totally normal was bluddy weird.
Worse thing was she rejected her baby or was just not in good enough nick to look after it. Poor little bugger had to spend time on her husband which forced him to switch to light beer for a period of time.


Nah it was a few years ago and there’s been no repeats. She had a second one and it was smooth - she wasn’t on medication either.
An ex had a baby, not mine, and got so low with depression she outright rejected it also. Her husband was distraught and thought she was never going to get better. If she wasn’t in care she would have done something pretty final. It passed as her body re adjusted after the birth, and she was back as a loving caring mum.
It was pretty tough on everybody though.


PND is awful. And very, very common.

Not helped by the sheer amount of guilt based “as a superior mother” advertising, and the number of absolute fuckholes willing to chuck their two cents in when you absolutely have not asked for it.


Yeah deleted it.

Not even about being flippant. People should consult their healthcare professionals to come up with a plan. I didn’t like my post as it came across as advice(probably bad advice). Which I wasn’t trying to do.


When we had Sam he was 2 months early and we had to get him to the children’s hospital in Hobart. I went down with him because Caroline lost so much blood she had to have iron transfusion just to stay alive.
She was away from her first born for 2 days. I don’t think she had PND in the traditional sense but she fell into the biggest hole based on the separation.
I didn’t think about it at the time because there was so much going on, but one of my biggest regrets in life was not showing a bit more understanding at the time.
Not only was she clinically depressed but she felt chronic guilt.


That sounds like PND to me.
Guilt seems to play into it a lot. It’s a rough time.


Yeah maybe but it seemed a different to what I’ve seen.
History now. Everyone ends up grey eventually anyway.


Random better health tip.
Mobile phones:
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Works real well.