The mental health thread


They never even get turned on when I install apps.
Nasty mindworm.


I know. I lay in the emergency department for 3 nights waiting for a room in a mental health unit.


Ironically, this thread has become sorta depressing lately.

I never knew first hand the dramas and or dangers associated with coming off these meds, … like,… once you are supposed to be well, … and I’m finding it kinda “Fukk No!”,distressing,

Best wishes and all good vibes over the ether to HG and anyone doing this, Please be as calm as possible, and I suppose have faith in the process and professionals, and take heart that so many have done the same before you and have positively come out the other side of it.

Keep the spirits up any way you can until you’re there, and continued good health from there to all. :+1:


Yesterday was international men’s day. And a lot was made of men’s mental health.

3/4s of all suicides apparently are male.

According to a UK poll, one third of men aged 35 to 44 thought their life wasn’t worth living in the past year.

That last stat absolutely floored me.

To use Shakespeare.

There is something wrong in the state of Denmark.


A friend bought me a 17 key Kalimba, saw them being played on the net. Not expensive cost $30 and free postage. Its funny how something insignificant and obscure can sometimes help. I just love the sound it makes, it sounds a bit like a harp and seems to calm me down. Even the dog likes it. I would never have guessed something like this would have the effect it does.


I finally went to the doctor today during work and let it all out, they have taken my bloods to see if it is something physical but straight away diagnosed me with depression.
She prescribed me Lexapro and after reading this thread on anti depression medication I voiced my concern of become reliant on anti depression medication and I said I will wait for the blood tests before adhering to anti depressant medication.
I went back to work and explained to my supervisor and also advised I have a certificate for the rest of the week and feel terrible for not being able to fulfill my duties at work.
I came home and fell in an absolute heap just lying on the couch and just started feeling terribly ill.
I feel weak and sad but hope I am taking the right steps, if this has been an underlying problem it could stem back a long way and I am not even sure why anymore.
Will seek counselling as well, I actually feel like I have flu like symptoms with a sore throat, headaches and so tired. I was always happy and positive but maybe I was just faking that, I just don’t know anymore.
Thanks to this thread I have taken steps, a bit sad that the only thing that makes me happy is seeing Essendon in a good place atm, besides my own health and my fur kids that is all that matters.
I really feel pathetic but shouldn’t I know because its not normal to cry for no reason.

Thanks everyone!


That looks like a lot of fun!


You have fur kids??? You lucky lucky barstard!! :wink:

Hang in there mate, it will all come good, … and you are definitely taking the right steps and approach.

Remember as they say in the classics, … “This too shall Pass”. We’re all with you. :ok_hand:


I understand this.
You need to give yourself a break. It’s okay to take the time to get well.


Yes, I don’t know how to relax is part of the problem always busy and nearing 50 I have to slow down, I missed a big chunk of my life caring for my ailing father. Finally get back to full time work and a job I really like and anyway thought life would be peachy, only to fall in love and then get dumped in the worst way. It was only a short relationship but it was supposedly love and everything was falling in place,just rambling sorry… In a bad place at the moment


I will and am, my fur kids seem to understand, my Border Collie when I came home, looked at me intently came and snuggled right up to me on the couch, normally he would be pushing to go to the park.


Ramble as much as you want to.
There are good people here.


It actually is pretty normal to cry. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You feel ■■■■ - let it out.


Firstly hugs

It’s totally OK to cry, you probably need to. Sometimes it’s not today that you cry for, it could be yesterday, last week, last year, 20 years ago. All those times when it should have been OK to cry and you didn’t, or couldn’t… now is that time.

Secondly, it’s pretty well known here that Neil’s health is up and down… he has mostly good days but his bad days are pretty bad. Our poodle, well actually he was my poodle but is now very much Neil’s poodle, knows when he’s unwell before he does and sticks like Velcro until he’s feeling better.

If you’ve earned the love of a dog, you are worthy indeed.

Finally, I too have had times where my only joy depended on the performance of my footy team. As other have said, there are good people here for you if and when you need.


Thank you all these kind words have made me feel better already, I know its short term but it really feels good to know that genuine people care. I really appreciate you guys reading and responding, another reason I love this club.

I am never giving up just like the Mighty Bombers. My membership pack came today :slight_smile:

20 year consecutively !


That’s great. The little wins are important. And we’re all here to help you celebrate them.


If I was a doctor the first thing I would prescribe to a person presenting as depressed or anxious is regular exercise. Not a light walk but a serious run or cycle where you get puffed out. I appreciate its a lot more complicated than this for a lot of people and don’t mean to make anyone’s issues sound trivial but endorphins can work wonders in changing moods and mindsets. Sometimes it can be enough to bump you out of a rut. It’s my go to treatment these days.


Good on you for getting advice and support. My little dog goes with me everywhere.

I had a similar problem about taking meds but then I remembered how crappy my life had become. Its about having quality of life and being able to do the things once enjoyed. I changed my mind about taking meds, changed my attitude and looked upon meds as a godsend.


I am reading “The Brain’s Way of Healing” by Norman Doidge, he also wrote another on Brain Plasticity called “The Brain That Changes Itself.” Anyone read them?

I figured I’d read it and perhaps learn something which might support some of the stuff I am doing or discover things I may not be doing which I could be. I am reading the part on chronic pain and using visualization as a means of changing brain patterning. Interesting so far.


Agree. I’ve been a runner for decades; a few marathons in my 40’s. Started not sleeping a few years ago. Went for 9 months with pitiful sleep. Could not relax my body and at night my face would stiffen up. I saw quite a few doctors at the time. Had bloods taken to see if there was a physical component. I upped my running to around 10km a day. One doctor said, you’re still not running enough! Anyway, in the end my GP diagnosed depression - seratonin being absorbed too quickly at the sinapses.

I was put on Lexapro too and it soon kicked in. I think I was on 20mg daily at first. It worked well in that it took the edge off the highs and lows. Sleep returned. I gained some weight and it did impact sexual function.

Around the middle of last year I had reduced the dose to 10mg. Saw the GP who said it was only just at pharmacological active levels and if I wanted to come off I could. I went pretty much cold turkey and did well for about 4 months, but by the end of the year I was in a mess again. Back up to 20mg for a while and now setttled again at 10.

I still run, and I think it does help. The Lexapro works too. My wife says she’ll kick me if I go off it again. Blessings to you @AnnStBomber!