The mental health thread


It’s difficult to give any meaningful advice from what you’ve said. So just in case you need to hear it here’s a few things that I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Relationships are hard and require commitment and effort.
  2. You can lose sight of love easily and quickly, doesn’t mean it’s still not there.
  3. Appreciation is everything
  4. Remember how it felt in the beginning and make a real effort to go back there


Yes, thank you.
I think I may continue. It’s gonna be tough but I guess married life is tough. Thanks for listening


Yes, it is often forgotten or not known (though intuitively it makes sense) but the therapeutic relationship itself between client and patient has been shown to be as effective if not more effective than any interventions used in psychology.


the one I see now and then is flat out gorgeous and I come out not remembering anything that was said.


I’d bet that happens a lot.
It’s a very intimate thing.


it could also become a very litigious thing if im not careful


I was referred to a psych because of my overwhelming feeling of being treated like a dog by my family.

She asked me to lie down on the couch and have a talk about it. As if I’m allowed up on the couch…



There’s a topic on it in psych 101 at most universities, stressing that basically, if you go on to become a practising psych, you will have patients that fall for you.

Interestingly enough, they also claimed that the reverse was not uncommon. The topic was basically: Don’t.


Yeah the guy I saw was looking at the clock every 5 mins…so unsettling. Im giving you my deepest fears and youre thinking…what time can I hit the pub?


Also, I may have given the impression that I didn’t need one, and I really didn’t mean to do that.
Fact was I was too shattered to look for another one.


This service popped up via a mate’s FB news feed a few weeks ago. Reposting here for those going through some tough times & who may benefit from it. Personally, I think it is a wonderful idea to bridge the gap between those needing help and those wanting to provide some help.


Relationships are the hardest thing to come to terms with when they are out of balance. I sometimes call them relationsh1ts. Nothing is easier than being on your own, not having to share, to please others, not having to do stuff you don’t want to do but at the end of the day its nice to curl up beside a warm body and have an arm around you. Relationships are supposed to be two way streets but very often they are not but none of us are perfect. We are all in this together. Add kids to the equation and its even more complicated.

Sharing parts of you with each other and being able to expose your vulnerability requires courage. All of us, we are only as strong as our weakest link which is about feelings and being able to express them. To be listened to and to be heard. Having an open heart is the hardest thing when everything feels like its falling to bits. Remember with gratitude the good stuff and be thankful for those times.

Developing co-operation, compassion and compromise. Isn’t love all of those things and more. All are learned skills and if we don’t learn them from our parents or whoever we have lived with as a kid, we have to learn how they work sometime. Relationships are one big expertiment. Feelings are also a kind of glue which holds relationships in togetherness in a safe place. If I cannot trust you I will not share that part of myself with you but there will be an emptiness or a hunger inside me waiting to be filled. Do not give up on yourself, do not give up on what you believe is possible.


I would have fallen for Tony Soprano’s psysch.


This is great, thank you for your reply! appreciated


It is normal, if you are sad, melancholic or depressed. Mental and emotional fatigue is not uncommon.
It can wear you out just the same as if you have been doing fast walking or jogging. What helped me was glucose tablets and powder in water, otherwise, I wouldn’t have got out of bed. Some days I would sleep in until lunch time. Others I would be up half the night not being able to sleep.

Go easy on yourself.


This point from @Darli is most important

" 1. Remember how it felt in the beginning and make a real effort to go back there"

You where happy once, don’t let the turkeys get you down, go back to what you loved and made you happy, it may be the small things, it could be playing with LEGO, it could be playing PACMAN or DonkeyKong, it could be going to the beach, it could be dancing around your living room listening to music, it could be riding a BMX bike, it could be be playing with RC cars, it could be starting a garden and growing your own food, it could be nurturing and loving some animals anything. You all can be anything.


Teaching boys about expressing their emotions in constructive ways, is vital to developing protective factors against mental illness.

Starting with supporting children by getting them to acknowledge and label the emotions that they feel is a simple first step.

Then we can move the discussion to, what the emotion means and discovering potential reason why this emotion has bubbled to the surface.


Don’t want to be a downer, but I believe Darli was talking specifically about relationships. As such, I think they were good points. Positivity is great and it’s worth trying everything you can if you want to save a relationship, but it still takes two to do that Tango. It may or may not be realistic.


You’re right. It does indeed take two… but it only takes one to make a start…and sometime … that’s all it takes.