The mental health thread


They actually make many people more depressed in the short term.
GPs and psychs can be pretty terrible at explaining this.


Different for everyone mate.
Just have to tough it out.


Yeah he did say there were some side effects but did not really go into much depth. He briefly mentioned tiredness, but there is tiredness and then there is feeling like you have been hit for six. I did some research online and my side-effects seem normal but I was curious to hear other peoples experiences, will have to power through the next few weeks and see how I go. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.


Thanks for the comment henry, haven’t experienced tiredness like this before. Been going to bed 2 hours earlier, stepped up coffee intake and even modified my diet. I still just feel like napping all day, very forgetful and a bit of dissociation from the world. However have noticed a decline in my anxiety but could be placebo as i’ve read that it takes at least 3 weeks to feel the effects.


Awesome. Thank you


I’ll chase it up. Thanks mate


There is a woman named Maggie Dent. She runs some of the best workshops going around for parents and children. Check her out on the web, she is good value and so it what she does. She also has books, cd’s, videos etc.


You may find the coffee and the pills have you in a bit of a push/pull reaction. One is for slowing you down to enable you to cope with every day stresses and the other coffee, is a stimulant. You might try to limit the amount of coffee and the strength/dose of the coffee you are drinking. I’m not saying go cold turkey but drink it weaker and not as often. Everyone is different but that is what I discovered about myself. Hopes it helps.


Second raising boys, great book.
I have two young lads who are sensitive souls.

Read up on teaching your children resilience. You can’t shield them from all the bad stuff forever but you can teach them to navigate it and pick themselves up after a setback.


Yep pretty common, can be a rough 2-4 weeks getting on and off them and they often magnifiy or generate new exhaustion/depression/anxiety during this period. Everyone reacts differently but this seems very common.


My experience has been more like 2 weeks.
Everyone’s a bit different though.
Just know that what you’re going through is not at all uncommon.


And unless you’re not educated it’s not a taboo subject anymore.

And I’ve found personally this thread is more therapeutic than most that I’ve whipped the Medicare card out for.


I’d wake up at ridiculous hours in the morning. because of my anxiety and have to google it so I could read forums about people having the same experiences. I had a bit of health anxiety too, so just reading that others also had racing heartbeat and the sweats for example helped me calm down because it meant I was having a panic attack and not a heart attack.

But I don’t think that would have been healthy for me in the long run. I’m glad I was directed to see a psychologist because I was then able to get to the stage of working through things myself instead of feeling better due to others pain I guess.

And now, I don’t think I’ve jolted awake for almost 2 years.


I still do that.

The other morning I was asleep but in my sleep somehow must have heard the kids charging into the bedroom. Just before they hit the bed I sprung up to catch them and scared the heebies out of them.

I was just as shocked myself.


I wonder if psychology as a profession will be dead soon.
The girl I see tells me stuff I already know or gives me advice I’d get online.
It doesn’t help one bit she’s s babe either.


Isn’t the idea of counselling to work through something, usually by talking to someone. good luck talking to echo chambers online.


Sounds a bit far away in time


The issue as I see it with psychology is that they have such a mandated narrow focus. Mrs Fox is a psychotherapist and counseller who is forever at seminars and training courses looking for new ways to help her clients. Many of her colleagues are psychologists who act outside the profession forgoing Medicare so they can give better treatment options.

In my view, the whole mental health profession needs a makeover


Morris dancer?


Hey Guys
Currently out on my own and looking to get off meds
Anyone had experience with Effexor? My whole life has
Changed and I feel extremely better than 2018 and now I
Want to get rid of these drugs for good.
Heard people experience really bad withdrawals…I will be heading
To see my DR asap to help transition off.