The National Anthem

I saw this on Twitter this morning.
Ricky May singing the National Anthem before the 1987 SANFL Grand Final
Half cut
Doesn’t know the words
Those he does, he slurs
Big finish.

Best version ever.


Just reading the name Ricky May has made me want to hunt down it’s a knockout on YouTube.

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I reckon it was Hey Hey that made him famous


That was beautiful :sob:

That is exactly the way the Aus National Anthem is meant to be sung. None of this hand on the heart earnestness.

Not surprising this was pre “bicentenary”.

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Went to the wife’s citizenship ceremony mid week. Had to sing the first 2 verses accompanied by the local brass band. We been here 30 years and never knew the 2nd one. Not sure if all the others knew the 1st one.

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The second verse includes the lyrics:

For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;

Wonder if they have ever sung this in Canberra?

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Our sons’ school raises the Australian, Aboriginal and Queensland flags and sing the 1st 2 verses every Monday.
I reckon that is awesome.


It was written in 1878 so those lines were only ever intended to apply to white people.

That’s contextually important in case anyone wants to get carried away by those lines and give them any broader (unintended) meaning.

2nd verse would be sung at our kids’ primary school assemblies. That line would always invoke some awkward shuffling amongst the assembled adults.


Our primary school hands out the words to the second verse to the parents knowing none of us know the words!

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I was there that day.
Don’t actually remember him singing the anthem however I was 12 at the time.

I do remember we lost.
However we had rolled them in the 85/86 GF’s so our attitude was you can’t win them all.