The next 4 weeks

Now that we are through the first bye for the season our next 4 matches look something like this:

Sunday at Sandringham (11.30am - Channel 7):

This match is one of the matches of the round as Sandringham are a game clear. Matches at Sandy are always interesting to watch at the ground itself but we get the tv game so all good.

18th June - Werribee at Werribee (2.10pm)

Never an easy task to beat Werribee at home, but, as they are percentage currently behind us, they need to win as much as we do.

Bye (to coincide with the AFL Bye)

2nd July - Port Melbourne at Windy Hill (2.10pm)

The election day deterrent lol. Once again, Port are just percentage below us so it should be a decent encounter.

3 tough games and a bye in the next month. It won’t be easy.

Yeah! But still fun to watch. I don’t go and watch for the wins ( 'though they are enjoyable), I go to watch the players.

Good thing about the Sandy game is I don’t have to worry about Qwilt playing on Brown.

I still expect hail and game-deciding umpiring though.

I think we have consecutive channel 7 games over the next two weeks.