The Pro Cycling Thread


Viviani beats Bennett and Bonifazio is stage 17 of the Giro - Yet another bizarre day at the Giro when it took nearly 100kms for the break to go.

Great to see Albasini win stage 2 of the Tour of the Fjoords - And the Girls took 1,2 and 4 being Spratt, AVV and Williams in the prestigious Eumakeen Bira stage race.


Last night was weird at the Giro.
Alps stages start tonight.


Apparently S.Yates mgmt knocked back an offer of 2.5m from Trek Segafreddo. Gerry better have deep pockets or a new sponsor, especially if Adam and Ewan have a good TDF.


seems like a lot of snow and slush around too


For the Finestre stage yes.
The Giro always has snowy stages.


USD or Euros?


Believe cycling wages are quoted in Euro’s - Anyway you better hope Gerry or the new sponsor have deep pockets to keep Yates x 2 and Ewan - This is what happens when you develop young talent.

Anyway Schachman beats Plaza in a breakaway victory in stage 18 - Yates struggled in the last 1.5km and dropped 28 seconds to Dumoulin, though still in the Pink - My long term worry with Yates has not been his attacking in the Giro, but he has ridden three consecutive GT’s being the TDF/Vuelta 2017 and of course the Giro - Congrats to Albasini finishing 2nd in stage 3 of the Tour of the Fjoords and winning the GC - It’s good to see him back in form - It’s the Hammer series tomorrow.


Tommy D comin at ya


Yep, this is far from over. Although last night’s stage very much favored the diesel style climbers. That all changes tonight, with the Finestre. Gravel, snow, mud, steep pinches. It’s going to be on like donkey Kong.


Dumolin is still in with a good shot, taking time would give him some confidence.
and 28 seconds isnt that much.
Froome, still minutes behind though.


I suspect Dumoulin will struggle in stage 19 - Go back to Giro 2017 and he struggled in one or two of the multi mountain stages in week three.


Yates is cooked. Going off the back on the Finestre.


Yates is goooooooooone


What happened to Yates??? Just turned it on and he’s not shown on the coverage and is out the top 5?? What happened?


If this guy was clean it’d be some performance…


From cyclingnews race feed… Says it all really…

"Froome comes to the line. An 80km break from the rider who was constantly being dropped in the first two weeks. A miracle recovery, a stage win, and most likely a pink jersey. "


Froome wow in a bit of shock.
In his interview yesterday he said that Yates had shown a crack, he just expected him to follow he wheel.

But attacking from 80kms out was about bold.

Also watched his giro training, went up the zoncolon a few times, he obviously targeted those stages in training.





Floyd Landis says hi!