The Pro Cycling Thread


It would make far more sense to go to Trek.


I am not saying that I’d go to FDJ or AGR2 - All i’m saying they should making enquiries about A.Yates - Anyway Pinot seems to be in love with the Giro, while Bardet one day wants to ride the Giro.

Can you imagine the disaster if MS lost Yates x 2 and Ewan - I fully expect they will lose one and an outside chance to lose two.


Trek already had a go at S.Yates who declined - Maybe they could try A.Yates - Just so we can all be clear - Chaves was the designated leader at the Giro with S.Yates as the back up in case things went wrong, and Yates was given permission to go for stages - Though my guess it will be a different story in the Vuelta.


They would have lost a bit of confidence in Chaves.


Absolutely but not as much as Chaves - Baby Giro this week and I am interested in how junior Chaves will go in the mountain stages - I suspect he’s still got a way to go.


The fact that Ewan has declined an extension from MS suggests he’s gone.


Impey has got yellow jersey with third place time bonus.

And sky with 2 falls might struggle in team pursuit.


They might, but they had 5 in the top 20 for the prologue, so I would very much doubt it, even if Kwiatkowski or Thomas are slightly off their game. Their squad is ridiculously strong.


Oh well they will have doubts leading into the mountain stages.


We can safely say Ewan is gone - Ackermann would be a good replacement - MS will be upset if one of the Yates leaves and if both leave it will be a disaster - Apparently Power initially signed a three year contract with MS - Gotta hand it to Jason Bakker for getting these contracts - Power is slowly improving and i suspect the Tour of Utah in August will tell us more about his future.


As expected, Sky smash the ttt by 42 seconds from Lotto Soudal - MS 4th at 56 seconds - MS were in trouble half-way through their ride as Power and Verona struggled big time - MS will do a better TTT at the TDF.


Sky 1,2,3,4 in general classification
BMC 5,6, 7


That[quote=“Houli_Dooli, post:5813, topic:879, full:true”]
Sky 1,2,3,4 in general classification
BMC 5,6, 7

That will last all of one stage - Aggressive start to todays stage with it taking nearly 100 kms for the break to go - Live coverage in 30 minutes.


Alaphillippe beats Martin and Thomas; small gaps in GC only. Kwiatkowski probably did worst, and the slime that is Moscon has yellow, Kwiatkowski 6 seconds back.
Very wet conditions.


Martin looked very good as Did Bardet and Thomas did well - Yates did a solid ride - It should be an exciting last three days and expect Martin and Bardet to lay it down to Thomas. And Kristoff wins Canton for the second time with Albasini down the track - And Chaves jnr TT’s like Esteban - Managed to lose 34 seconds in a 4.4km TT at the Baby Giro.


Was hoping Martin would win.
But felt bad for the Italian our front until last 300m

Sky 1,2,3 inGC still.


And Martin wins stage 5 by four seconds from Thomas with A.Yates third at 1 seconds - An all UK podium for today’s stage - Thomas leads GC by over a minute - A.Yates rides consistently and he will podium, seeing he is 9 seconds from second - Today is the express stage where anything can happen.


Awesome ride by Martin to go with 3km left

Was Barguil the one who rode one good GC and signed a big deal with a lower team? Not looking like a great career move.


I could do with more stages that finish at 11pm


Somehow Bilboa who finished 6th in the Giro, got in the breakaway who started the final climb with a a 33 second lead 17.5km survived to win the stage by 21 seconds followed by Thomas, Martin, Bardet and A.Yates - Thomas leads the GC from A.Yates and Martin.

And BMC wins the TTT in stage 1 of Suisse with MS 5th at 29 seconds.