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Has Adam always been this much of a boring rider compared to his brother?

Edit: Posted just as he finally made a move.

Edit 2: And won the stage.


Everyone else lit up that climb except him and he won. That sucks.


A very uninformed post by Riolio or you choose to have a selective memory - This is the same A.Yates who attacked early on the final climb in the previous two stages and suffered a bit at the end - He rode a beautifully controlled race today to win the stage and finish 2nd on GC - His aim was to get a podium and he delivered in spades - He can top 5 in the TDF if he holds his form - Simon is a bit more explosive than Adam but people have short memories as Adam attacked with 8 kms to go to win a stage of Tirreno Adriatico earlier in the year.

And Sagan wins yet another stage at Suisse beating Gaviria and Haas - Entertaining riders ! - Well Albasini did a suicidal attack with 61kms to go in today’s stage of Suisse and finished a mere 10 minutes back


Admittedly I only caught the very end of the last stage, but watched most of last night’s, where every other rider was lighting up the race and he sat in. It worked, but it sucks when that works.


This is like some who post with such authority in the footy threads - Watch part of or even not watch at all but feel compelled to give an opinion without having the full context. It was simple - Bardet was 32 seconds behind Yates on GC, so attacked him on two or three occasions - Yates role was to follow Bardet and counter-attack him at the right time - It’s the same as Buchmann who was behind Martin in the GC attacking several times when Martin was in trouble - It’s racing tactics - And for more context - Earlier in the season Valverde did the same to A.Yates in Valenciana - Yates attacked the steep final climb and looked to have the stage won, while Valverde who was leading the GC stayed back to watch his GC opponents and then waited to the last 400 metres to make an attack and grabbed Yates just before the line.


Gee mate sorry far out.


CN news forums are a hoot.
So many outraged by Yates win. I don’t get it. A new “Gerrans”.
I can understand why people don’t particularly like the tactics, but a win is a win.


Cycling News forums are from another world. For them cycling is a fantasy sport. And they conveniently forget Yates attacking the previous days. Liked when A.Yates was asked who is the better brother. Yates said they are the same except Simon has more wins. They are competitive.


MS team for Slovenie


Two sprint stages, 2 mountain stages and an ITT - This is the bulk of the team for the TDF - You can add Yates and Howson and probably Hepburn.


There are literally only five people who post in this thread including riolio… Who the hell are you preaching to yaco?

Anyone who posts and contributes here and shows interest in cycling is welcome, regardless of their “cycling intellect”.


There was nothing wrong with my response to Riolio’s post and it clearly doesn’t reference any lack of intellect on Riolio’s behalf, as they have a good understanding of cycling - It is factual that A.Yates had attacked in the previous two stages at Dauphine - But if you read Riolio’s post you would think A.Yates was slinking off the back of the peleton - My post was about watching a race as a whole before making sweeping statements about one part of the race - It’s all about context and my response to Riolio was not just about cycling, BUT about the preponderance of people to comment on sporting events in which they have seen limited vision or no vision - I will leave you with these thoughts - The Yates brothers are talented cyclists who most experts/fans have found it hard to differentiate in their abilities/traits/palmares etc.


On cycling and your comments re the Yates brothers, I agree. Regarding the part I quoted and even an earlier post, your language towards riolio was poor in a thread that has little contributors. Still we move on.


And Colbrelli just beats Gaviria and Sagan with Albasini a close fourth in stage 4 of Suisse - We sort have mountainous routes in the next four days, though this is an easy parcours by Suisse standards - And Saturday is a sprint stage and Sunday is the 31km ITT which will probably be the most the most vital stage for GC.


Is there any good highlights of tour de suisse, been spoilt by dauphine and giro was ok by Eurosport


Go over to Tiz - highlights and full stage replays


And the iron-man Chris Juul-Jensen wins stage 4 of Suisse in miserable conditions after surviving from the breakaway - Juul-Jensen is a super,consistent rider who goes day in and day out - And he’s already done a mere 50 race days.


Looks like Dennis is off to Bahrain-Merida as time is running out on BMC.


Who would MS express interest in if BMC fold.

For me Bevin and Kung would lead the list. would consider TVG if someone like Kreuziger leaves.


Bevin for sure. Scotson as a replacement for Tuft?
GVA would be nice, but it’s not going to happen.


Scotson could be a possibility - Like Kung because he would offer more depth to the classics squad which underperformed in 2018 - Apparently MS is upset with Ewan’s manager Jason Bakker because MS made a contract offer for Ewan but no response from Bakker - No we are not interested or we will look at the contract or can you offer more money - Bakker also manages Hamilton, Power and Haig - And of course there was Bakker insisting Hamilton gets a three year neo-pro contract - Will add that Daniel Benson’s article in Cycling News is right on the money - Will add that Yates x2 are more than likely to stay at MS - Believe it or not ( besides them being comfortable at MS ), though the brothers are very close and supportive of each other, they are super-competitive against each other and staying at the same team, gives them similar programs/leadership opportunities and therefore allows them to compete against each other - Though selfishly would like to see the brothers racing each other up a mountain climb.


D’Hoore wins stage 1 of the TOB.

Ullisi wins stage 5 of Suisse with Haig 11th. Porte into the yellow and Haig 5th - GC should be between Porte and Keldermann.

And Ewan crashes with 1.5km to go into stage 1 of Slovenie and affected Cavendish, Kittel and Groenewegen - The crash was actually caused by aggressive riding by Mezgec.