The Pro Cycling Thread



I will ride a longer post later tonight but there a number of agendas at play.


No doubt.


Just looking over his results this year, Ewan simply isn’t in good enough form to demand a start.
He had a chance to show something at the Tour of Slovenia and he managed to **** that right up and I guess that was the last straw.


Richie Porte criticising MS on social media is as sure as the sun will come up.

Matt White taking heat from the Aussie media regarding Ewan’s omission shows parochialism at its finest.

Ultimately with Ewan leaving, MS must protect their investment in Yates x 2.


I feel more sorry for Mezgec and Kluge.


Ewan’s form has been solid without being outstanding. It must be said that few of the sprinters have shown outstanding form. I expect Sagan and Groenewegen to be the leading sprinters.


I expect Gaviria to slaughter them on the pure sprints, and perhaps some others too.


I am devastated for Mezgec who is a gun lead out rider. My understanding is Kluge what on the fringes of selection but he may go through two yrs with no GT.


Gaviria’s form is good but he tends too make a few mistakes.


Definitely should see a changing of the guard at the TdF.
Kittel, Grepiel and Cavendish are on the wane.


Tuft wins the Canadian road TT championship again (that’s 5).


T-jay VG off to Education First / Drapac?
Career ending?


EF Is an interesting team if TVG moves there but it’s not career ending move if they use him properly - He’s a one week stage racer and either a domestique or stage hunter at GT’s - At least TVG has moved his family to Europe so is serious about his career - In saying that, it’s about the last team he should have chosen.


And Pirelli has moved into Cycling and helping MS with their tyres - S.Yates was at the launch which occurred on Qualifying Day at the French F1 race - Yates did a spin on the circuit and got to meet drivers - It’s also a strong SUGGESTION that S.Yates will stay with the team.


Have they been riding Pirellis all year? There’s talk they’ve put up 300,000km on these tyres (combo of MS and Pirelli test riders).


My understanding have been using Pirelli’s in training and by selected ridersin races - This tech stuff goes over my head.


One thing you want to be careful off is changing your tyre brands. Those tyres better be ■■■■■■ good. Would not want a flat at the wrong time.


Dumoulin to target the GC in Tour De France :slight_smile:


It’s doubtful if Dumoulin will be a threat in GC. It will be tough to recover after a brutal Giro.