The Pro Cycling Thread


20” of that was a time penalty.


Ewan into the break in the London Surrey Classic - Strange decision if the race ends in a bunch sprint.


Ewan is eventually called back from the break, then sulks and abandons the race - May have a limited race program for the remainder of 2018.


And A.Yates is riding the Vuelta which is a staggering decision.


WTF was he doing in the break in the first place?

which it did (Ackermann wins from Viviani).


I’d imagine as a super domestique. It will be interesting to see what climbers MS take.
If you have Yates x2, Haig as certainties, the remaining options are Verona (if he’s leaving do you take him?) & Power, I assume Howson wont ride, but who knows if he recovers in time.


My understanding is the team at this stage will be

Yates x 2
Verona or Juul jensen

Now there is a chance Ewan doesnt go but Mezgec will still ride. Personally think A.Yates shouldn’t ride. Vuelta teams tend to be cobbled up at the last minute.

Now you can see why i am interested in Ackermann.


Another year another team sky win with a UK rider.

So boring, can’t wait till this team combusts and we get real races again.


Doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon.


no salary cap no chance!


Looks like Ewan is not riding the Tour of Poland - He may have a limited schedule for the rest of 2018.


Shot himself in the foot at ride London.


He’s not on the start list for the Tour of Poland which is S.Yates, Verona, Kreuziger, Edmondson, Trentin, Mezgec and Albasini.


To be fair, after looking at the parcours, only stage 1 is suitable for sprinters. Even if he was in the good books, I wouldn’t have selected him for this race.


It can be used as a lead up race to the Vuelta - You can practice climbing mountains.


André Greipel to Fortuneo-Samsic


A good move by the team and Greipel. Team has a rider for the climbs and sprints. Should guarantee a spot in the TDF.

Route for the 2019 edition of the TDU has been announced. Willunga Hill is now the final stage and will have a new king.

Hayman a chance to ride on 2019. One of the Yates may ride om Oz over summer.


Wonder what Greipel’s leadout team will do? Wondering if Hansen will move with him?


Want Hansen at MS. A reliable rider who can fill a number of roles and you can bank him in for 2 GT’s each year.


Terrible idea to move Willunga to Sunday. That’s when heaps of people leave to get back to work Monday because the last stage is a bust.

Or, maybe that’s why they did it.