The Pro Cycling Thread


Meyer’s post race interview said he simply didn’t have the legs to go again.
Even so, it would have been better if he at least gave it the best he had instead of fooling around with Harper.


Yes - especially since that stretch from uni to finish is mostly on a gentle downslope, it only kicks up slightly for last few hundred metres. Suicidal to brake and chat there. Any sprinter / time trialler who catches leaders going downhill is going to go passed so fast you can never hope to accelerate from low speed to get their wheel.

And yes MS women got strategy wrong. Roi was wrong person to have in the break (as a potential winner) and they said the initial plan was to put 2 in the break. Once Roi was in break alone, MS should have always kept the break at catchable distance for Spratt/Kennedy.


Trek-Segafredo (USA)

  1. Richie Porte (Australia)
  2. Will Clarke (Australia)
  3. Koen De Kort (Netherlands)
  4. Kiel Reijnen (USA)
  5. Ryan Mullen (Ireland)
  6. Peter Stetina (USA)
  7. Jarlinson Pantano (Colombia)


BORA-hansgrohe (Germany)

  1. Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
  2. Maciej Bodnar (Poland)
  3. Oscar Gatto (Italy)
  4. Jay McCarthy (Australia)
  5. Gregor Mühlberger (Austria)
  6. Daniel Oss (Italy)
  7. Lukas Pöstlberger (Austria)


Apparently Will Clarke got the job at Trek Segafreddo on Porte’s recommendation - Reckon there are two or three domestic riders who are better than Clarke - Thats a very strong team sent out by Bora and very much the core of their classics team.


Just looking out the window at work and see Porte and Clarke ride past with another bloke.


Wow - Luke Durbridge beats Dennis in the mens ITT with Meyer third - And Grace Brown of MS wins the women in a minor surprise.


Those ITT results are a bit weird. Only 16 starters in men, Nathan Haas 4th, Nick Squillari 10th.

Similar lack of quality depth in women, although Gigante backed up for 7th.

Suspect quite a few have already gone home, or moved to Adelaide. Having TT after road race may not be a good idea.

Santos Tour Down Under
UniSA Australian Team - Men

  • Ayden Toovey (BridgeLane)
  • Jason Lea (BridgeLane)
  • Neil Van der Ploeg (BridgeLane)#
  • Dylan Sunderland (BridgeLane)
  • Chris Harper (BridgeLane)
  • Nick White (CA)*
  • Michael Potter (CA)*


I suspect the ITT will continue after the RR - On face value the times from the men and the women were top notch - Durbo did a 50m and 1 second, while Dennis in the last three years has been in the 51’s - Of course prevailing weather conditions must have an influence - The question is - How much ? - Will add that Durbridge and Meyer showed good for in the RR.


There was only 22 starters in 2018 - the fall away appears mostly in lesser ranked riders.
By nature, the ITT is always going to have a limited start list.


Actually rechecked the winning times from the last 4 ITT’s. Dennis rode 49m and 59s, 50m and 13s and 50m and 14s and rode 50m and 22s. So is he around the mark while Durbridge rode a fast time. Suspect it will be a good form reference.


Spratt wins the 2nd stage of the Women’s TDU on Mengler Hill. Kennedy was second and that’s how the GC looks.
Paternoster won stage 1.


Grace Brown wins stage 3 for MS.

Spratt retains the GC lead, and with tomorrow’s street circuit, only needs to finish to win.


Grace Brown looks like a worthy addition to the MS women’s team. The more I study the TdU the more I believe it suits Meyer instead of Impey.



Lots of crashes.
Apart from Sagan, no other front-line sprinters to contest with Ewan.


Good to Edmondson fighting out the finish. He can win a sprint in a HC or 1.1 race.


Viviani wins the first stage at the TDU

Ewan not sighted.


Ewan 23rd according to official results.
Lotto screwed up the lead-out somewhere or Ewan got caught up.


Former British Cycling and Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman faces a medical tribunal next month after being charged with ordering 30 sachets of banned substance Testogel for an athlete in 2011…-doctor-charged-ordering-testosterone-athlete


Ewan was out of position and never sprinted to the line. Awesome win by Viviani who can win another stage. I am really interested in how Quick Step is playing the TDF. Having Mas riding for GC when he is better suited to the Giro suggests they will do everything to retain his services in 2020. I doubt Viviani is stressing to much if he misses the TDF as being Italian the Girl is important. Actually the Girl sprint field is strong with Viviani Ewan Gaviria, Ackermann and Kittel being on the start list. Will Lotto Jumbo throw in Groenewegen.

There is a chance that Dr Freeman could be charged by UKAD if the GMA finds he has a case to answer.