The Quiz - Geelong edition

Geelong quiz.

  1. George Goninon won the VFL goalkicking playing for Geelong in 1951. How may games did he play for us?
    (dongross - 9)

  2. What were the Official and Unofficial reasons he left Geelong?
    U. (Alan_Noonan - had an affair and was told he’d never play for them again)

  3. What opera is their theme song taken from?
    (Socks_and_Sandals - Carmen)

  4. Which player, known for mistakenly having a brother play for us, had his actual brother play for Geelong between 2002 and 2009?
    (swooper - Mark Johnson)

  5. Corey Enright played the most games for them, who was selected two picks before him in the National Draft, from the same club?

  6. Ford has been Geelong’s only jumper sponsor. How many shorts sponsors have they had? Who are they?

  7. How many ex-Essendon players played for Geelong between 1980 and 2000? Name them.
    (smooth - 6; Reid, Carey, Rogers, Spencer, Barnes, Kilpatrick.)

  8. Simon Madden has the most Goals & Games in jumper number 27 for any VFL/AFL player. Who is the Geelong player who has the same records for his jumper number, and what number.
    (Yossarian - Cameron Ling; 45), (Alan_Noonan - Ian Nankervis 40)

  9. Which champion of Essendon is a Geelong Premiership player?
    (dongross - Tom Fitzmaurice)

  10. Andrew Rogers was drafted in the 1987 National Draft, played a season for us, then went to Geelong. He made his Essendon debut with Greg Anderson from SA and which Western Australian?
    (swooper - Darren Bewick)

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  1. Mark Johnson
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  1. 4 - Steve Carey, John Barnes, Alan Reid, Andrew Rogers

10 . Darren Bewick

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8 - Sam Newman, number 17?

  1. Carmen

Glenn Kilpatrick

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  1. Paul Chapman
    James Kelly

I assume that the question means “Champion of Essendon” as in the official list?

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9: Tom Fitzmaurice 1925

1: 9

I’m thinking number 8 is Cameron ling in 45?

Agreed. I was taking the p155!

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  1. Don’t know one of the reasons Goninon left, but the one I heard was that we had no need for him when we had Coleman.

Edit…oops…thought it was the reasons he left EFC.

My uber-nerdish Geelong nephew says INankervis to go with CLing as the Simon Madden answers

Goninon got dropped from the ‘53 GF for having an affair. Dunno if that was in the reasons he left us.

  1. I’ll go 6 - Steve Carey, John Barnes, Alan Reid, Andrew Rogers, Glenn Kirkpatrick, Trevor Spencer

Was thinking completely someone else, but a bit of research to see if I was right proved that No 9. is a bloke called Tom Fitzmaurice.

A more than interesting little wiki blurb on him leaves me wanting to know much more of this(His) story.

A Sydney team called Sydney ? 1921?? Skippered a NSW TEAM In a State Comp?

Left because he thought EFC players took a bribe to lose a game?

I hadn’t heard any of this & would like to read more.

I think the game against Footscray, VFA Premiers, after the 1924 season was suspected to have been thrown by a few key Essendon players, and Fitzmaurice was so outraged that he left.

Footscray, North and Hawthorn subsequently left the VFA and joined the VFL.

The book by Michael Maplestone, Flying Higher, probably has more.

  1. The Opera is Carmen, don’t know the tune.

  2. Tim Darcy played one year for us in 95 at the back end of his career, is he an ex-Essendon player?

What about Maurice Fitztom?

The way I’m interpreting it is that it’s players that have made the move from Essendon to Geelong, so players who went from Geelong to Essendon, such as Sean Denham, James Kelly, Matty Stokes, Mitch Brown wouldn’t count…

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