The Quiz returns

Inspired by the return of VD, here’s a blast from the past.
I used to do a quiz every week, usually basing it on the opponents.
However, I grew up in the 80s, so Hawthorn can well and truly get [email protected]#$ed

Therefore my quiz is based on us.
We are Essendon. This is our quiz.

  1. What is our highest score in a final? Full score, with year, game name and opponent (2000 Qualifying Final v North. 31.12.198 - rossoneri)
  2. Biggest winning margin in a final? Full score, with year, game name and opponent (1984 Prelim Final v Collingwood 133 pts - rossoneri)
  3. Who kicked the most goals for our opponent that day? (Ron Andrews (3) - rossoneri)
  4. Name our five Home Grounds in order. (Flemington Hill, East Melbourne Cricket Ground, Windy Hill, MCG, Docklands - SCarey) I’d have also taken McCracken’s Paddock
  5. How many VFA Premierships did we win, and what year(s)? (4, 1891-1894 - SCarey)
  6. What was the name of the Bomber, built at Essendon airport, after which the club was named? (Beaufort Bomber - BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS)
  7. How many VFL/AFL premierships have we won, without playing in a Grand Final that year? Which year(s) (2; 1897 & 1924 - rossoneri)
  8. In the 2001 game v North we came back from 69 points down. What colour armbands were some of the players wearing? Why that colour? (Green, environmental issues, specifically the Kyoto Agreement - rossoneri)
  9. Which season has shown the greatest growth in membership from one year to the next? How many additional members did we sign up? (2018; 11551 - Coastalpipeline)
  10. Which West Perth player, eligible for listing for West Coast’s initial squad, was overlooked by them and instead signed with Essendon in 1988? What number did we wear at West Perth? (Darren Bewick; 2 - SCarey)
  11. Dean Hartigan and Tom Park debuted on the same day as which other Essendon player? (Simon Madden - McGoved)
  12. Which player received a free kick in a ruck contest just as the lights went out in the 1996 game v StKilda at Waverley? (Ryan O’Connor - brem06)
  13. What is the latest pick in the National Draft we’ve selected a player who has played a minimum of one senior game? Who was the player? What year was he drafted? (Paul Hills Pick 93, 1988 - simmo41)
  14. Which team was Greg Anderson tied to, having been drafted in the 1982 draft? (Sydney - Jackman7)
  15. Sean McKernan has now played the most game sin #44. Who else has played more than 40 games in that number, and how many games did they play in 44? (Bellchambers - 43, J. Madden - 45, O’Donnell - 46 smooth)
  16. Who were the five former Essendon players that played for Brisbane Bears in their first ever VFL game. (Banfield, Raines Waterson Phillips Richardson - chewy boy)
  17. Who was coach of the 1999 Reserves Premiership team? (Terry Daniher - SCarey)
  18. In the 1947 Grand Final, one player wore his Red sash on the opposite shoulder, which player? (Keith Rawle - Coastalpipeline)
  19. Which played kicked 24 goals in his first six games of 1978? (Wayne Primmer - McGoved)
  20. Who was the last General Manager of Essendon to play for the club? What number(s) did he wear? (Roger Hampson - 41 & 36 - smooth)

Once corrects answers are submitted I will enter the correct answer & users name in (Bold Brackets) to show it has been answered

  1. Justin Madden played 45 games in 44

yes he did. but there’s a few more too.
One of them is still playing.

Oh. Ok, I thought you just meant for us.

He is.

'1. 31.12.198 vs nth Melbourne 2000 Qf
'2. 133 points vs Collingwood 1984 PF
'3. guessing it is related to question 2? Phil Carmen

'7. 2 1897 and 1924. However I feel there is another one but reckon it may have been in VFA days
'8. Green. Something to do with environmental stuff.

'10. Darren Bewick (well played)

  1. Bomber Thompson

'4. Curious to know this one because I can only think of 4 unless you are including playing out by the rail roads when the club was first formed (think it is where flemington race track is as our founding fathers were heavily involved in horse breeding and horse racing)

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  1. Wayne Primmer?
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  1. Also need his number for West Perth.

'3. Ok, must mean both games. David King kicked 7 in 2000 QF, Ronnie Andrews (not Phil carmen, got them confused) in PF 1984

Oh, don’t know that. Hope it is #10

  1. Ronnie kicked a couple. Best day at VFL park ever. Collingscum fans trying to get on buses at 1/2 time.
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Wouldn’t that have been poetic. 8 would have been good too.
But neither is correct.

He was at North Melbourne in 1999

  1. Early to mid 70s so I’m thinking Simon Madden.
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  1. Don’t know why but I keep thinking of Peter German. Not sure. Maybe he coached under 19s.

“Near the railroads?”
We played on the best ground of any of the junior clubs.

He was at Hawthorn in 1999

I’m stumped on the reserves coach. All I remember from that game was Eastaugh dropping the f-bomb when collecting the cup.