The Recycling Depot - delistees, state leagues and mature agers

Seeing as though I’ve seen discussion in both draft and trade threads, I figured we needed a recycling thread. So here it is.

SPS to fill a hole for a running HBF, Luke Foley in a back pocket, Xavier O’Neill for all your tagging needs. Even Isaiah Winder for your dynamic forward or Greg Clark as a BBM

And that’s just the Eagles delistees. (Former Blue among five more Eagles to depart -

This is also the place for all your Sam Menegola or Ed Curnow ideation. Your Jack Bytel or Jack Peris dreams. Or even for wondering “what is a Cody Raak?”.

Have fun


Could SPS play a half forward role similar to jack Martin. or Half back, would be as good as Bonner.

121 games, 25 years old. likely better than a late pick in this years draft.

we cant be picking up too many discards though.

If we got him would have 1,5,6,22 in the 2016 draft.


Kwame McHarg


From being taken at pick 6 to being delisted by the worst team in 30 years… that’s quite a fall for sps

What’s his issue?

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Being pick 6. Only 2 guys have ever been pick 6 and played 200 games. Pick 7 is 12, pick 8 is 7. It’s a haunted pick.


He’s still one of the better pick 6’s

played more games than Cupido, Francis, Bradley, but Myers just beats him at 123 v 121.

Wait, myers only played 123 games? He was with us for 10 seasons



Mature age-

Shaun Mannagh Werribee. Should go close to the VFL league medal. 26 years old, 175cm. Really good skills, speed and decision making.

Averaging 25.3 disposals, 3.9 marks, 5.9 tackles, 1.7 goals per game.

Playing in a VFL preliminary final this weekend.


What about Fitzgerald from our VFL.
Can rack it up, plays with his heart on his sleeve and can defend.

Joel Fitzgerald Draft Profile - Aussie Rules Rookie Me Central (formerly AFL Draft Central)

VFL Stats - Joel Fitzgerald (


SPS back from 2019

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As far as mature aged rejects.

Hamish Brayshaw is a BBM who just won the Sandover, and shares some of Blitz’s beliefs around the AFL being staged managed to get the outcome they want…

Ave 26 ppg, 7 mpg, 1.3 goals/game

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No objections to SPS. Could legit win the eagles BnF after being delisted

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I sense this is a joke that’s going over my head.



What’s Ricky Mott up to these days?

Banhammer should be poised with some of these FA suggestions.

Then call the men in the white coats for the offenders.

This thread is entirely for these type of suggestions. This is not for blue chip investments, this is for the pieces that fell off the back of a truck and ended up at Cash Converters, but which may look great next to your vinyl couch in the man cave.


I fully support all SPS discussion in this thread. A quality junior whose career was destroyed by going to FCFC, and then was sent to the basket case that is WCE. He has never been in a position to succeed.


Luckily we’re not like FCFC or Wet Toast.