The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


The DJ KING! is voted in or out via a simple, first to 10 majority vote (also known as the mrjezz rule). 10x yes’ and the DJ KING! gets to choose the next song, 10x no’s and the DJ KING! is dethroned but before clearing out his vinyl collection, he/she must nominate the new DJ KING!. No limit on how many (or how few) songs the DJ KING! gets to post. The audience will decide and the audience always gets it right…

List of former DJ KINGS!:
diggers, wimmera1, hambo, SMJ, Kj_11, Klawdy, mrjez, GeoffBlethynsGlasses, Bltn, Preliminary_Point2, Deckham, Kira, SMJ, Paul_Peos, Zimmer, Socks_and_Sandals, Henry_s_Angry_Pills, BAAKKEERRRR, Slowstu, Kay_Eff_See (abdication), Barnz, Ivan, Crazy Bomber, Frosty, Clark_Griswold, Langers4, Hesonlygotaleftfoot, Paul_Peos, diggers, Hoffy, BomberAbroad, benfti, Up_Up, dingus, WOB, Socks_and_Sandals, Preliminary_Point2, S Woodley, BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS, redbull, Dodga, samwoods, JohnnyRain, EMILIO78, mrjez, hambo, Deckham, Kay_Eff_See, GeoffBlethynsGlasses, Kira (abdication), wimmera1, Zimmer, Crazy_Bomber, barnz, anastasios1979, dingus, Kira, kj_11, bltn, BAAKKEERRRR, ivan, Rioli, frosty, choppsuey, Stan_The_Apprentice (abdication), Swoodley, Yossarian, 'STAINED (took too long to show up), JohnnyRain, 'STAINED, Given, Lifetime_ban, Sandals, Clark_G, Hoffy, MackSTAR!, Rioli, BAAAKKKES, Koala, Dodga, 'Screamer, Slow…




If you like the song, vote ‘yes’. If you don’t like the song, vote ‘no’ or something more colourful. It’s your choice.


Really highlighting why there is a thread called ‘diggers is stupid’


Why don’t you use the poll function?






It’s rigged already!














It’s a tie. Diggers Lives!


Votes close 6pm EST 28/2/18…




Hell Yep.

but, Diggers is also stupid.