The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


Didn’t help.

Didn’t hurt though, I won’t lie.




Didn’t like my coffee this morning. No from me.


Liking this set. Yes.



Its close.


Yes, why not. Not huge on it but it picked up.




Sounds like Grimes but less interesting.



It’s a bit like a salad at a BBQ. There’s not much substance and probably didn’t need it but it’s OK.



8-6. I’m teaching a 90-min class in a moment, sneaking peaks at my phone will be tough, but I’ll do my best.


“Okay guys, mini preparation test”

“Sorry guys, I just need to go to the toilet for them third time”


“That’s a good question. Let’s all take out our phones and see who can find the answer on an internet search first.”


I like synth pop. Yes.


That’s closer to Chaucer than rap, mate.


Oh the song - not my thing, No.

Was yes for the 1st one though.


Going to say no, just didn’t build into anything


Well go on, then…


Uh, no then.


9-8. Either way, I’m back for the next move!


Now this will be counted twice and we’ll be back into BoobiesGate again! Some people just want the world to burn. :stuck_out_tongue: