The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible




I have constructed an entire future set with you in mind - it is called (songs @hambo has never heard of). Problem is - I need 10 votes for you to ever enjoy the extent of this set. #notgunnahappen


You will get ten votes easy. I look forward to the set. Dance music is something I don’t listen to because I’m not much of a dancer, prefer to listen. Love the synths but not in the dancy context. Bassnectar all the way, check out Timestretch.




Ha, ha. Cheers, dude. No interest in the competition side of things anymore. Just wanna spin (obscure stuff) now. There have been calls for it and I am fully down with that. Will wait my turn patiently.


Yeah cool, same. Bring the good stuff.


I’d better pack.



You might like it.


I was just teasarising.


Stop sucking on that nitrous oxide.




Massive case of the clap from the bird you picked up last weekend?




Real uninspiring stuff… no






And WOB, that sounds pretty full on champ. Glad you’re ok.


think it’s about 9-4…


Yes. I almost dropped that song myself.


Need to start my commute in about 4 mins. If anyone wants a work traveller then nows the time