The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


I like a shorter qualifier and then a challenge.
You don’t like my stuff?
Bring it, I call…


Possibly but if, as proposed by Jez, the potentially ousted DJ nominates a challenger and a genre it would at least give it some musicality.
“Ousted DJ” is WOB
Names CB as his challenger and genre as “Triple M hits”.
The two of them at least then have to post similar material.

I dunno, just throwing around ideas…


Shut up.




Sounds like you might be scared of LOSING!


Like all these ideas. Don’t mind the song either. Just call me Oprah and everyone can have a yes.



I like battles just for the gif potential


Battles also put the genre complaining to rest. You lose a battle on metal, dance or hip hop you have to take it on the chin and realise that’s what the crowd wants or doesn’t want. It swings back quickly enough to other genres you do like anyway.


I’ll have to learn how to post gifs.


You don’t know how?

Copy link URL or copy link address on a gif.

Control V in the post.

Discourse is great it does the rest for you


Thanks man.


Ooooo we get to see Klawdy break his Gif cherry.


I’m more nervous about this than my original one.


Alcohol and low standards are similarly encouraged.



Welcome to the club




This is an excellent proposal, Jez-san. It will increase both the number and speed of songs played and @Clark_Griswold 's battle idea adds an additional element of fun.

So, to sum up.

1/ Vote count changes from 10 to 7. I reckon 7 is a good number. There are approximately 20 active users, with perhaps 10-15 active at any one time - depending on the day/time.
2/ DJ King retains the right to either nominate a successor or if he/she has the time, battle an opponent to retain the crown.

Although both songs need to be spun at approximately the same time, I suggest the slayed King or Queen spins first - after all - they have been slain. The opponent (who obviously needs to be around) has a small window to post their challenge song.

The nominate a genre requirement should be optional (IMO). For example, if @westozziebomber nominated Aussie hip-hop - most would be unable to seriously challenge him. So, both challengers have to agree. If there is non-agreement, any genre can be spun and voted on.

I also liked @Kira 's idea of a seasonal comp. Of course, @Paul_Peos remains the World Champion or KOK with his record 14 spins (is that correct?), however, others have a chance of winning a crown in a season and also challenging for the world record. I suggest 5,000 posts as being a season, so 2 seasons per 10,000 post thread. I think Kira had a few other ideas, but perhaps we can discuss those when he returns.

Any ideas how we can also increase participation in the thread? Would be good to have some new blood in here as well.


Honestly it’s stop being ■■■■■.

It’s not really get new blood, it’s get the old blood back. There is a good half dozen people that used to heavily participate waiting for a turn who all left shortly after their own turn lasted one or two spins. Usually there was also a lot of carry on putting their selections down. It can be fun sometimes to have an awesome put down rejection, but it has come at a price.


I like the R-rated version and am not too keen on making this thread another ‘nanny state’ example. I agree, though, the additional chances of having a spin should help alleviate the loss of punters - who felt that the entire nomination process was unfair. I think a few left for that reason - also because it does eat up plenty of time. You definitely need to grow a thick skin to survive in here, however, the song put downs are fun.