The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


Hard rock in the morning.
Or hard something.

The last DJ got the ■■■■ because he couldn’t get the votes for an evening track before morning, that’s all.






I got the ■■■■ becuase you woke up and didn’t want the hardness.

You hadn’t had your first bourbon :stuck_out_tongue:


Last of three night shifts, you ■■■■■■■!
I deserve a bourbon!


Thanks, I think???


Yeah, ok.


Nice Deck.



Here are my ideas for DJ King MKIV. It’s a mash-up of some of the ideas been thrown up in the past. Please point out any inherent flaws:

**Drop the vote count to 7-7.
Participant numbers are down, songs frequently get stuck, night shifts are slow for those punters wanting tunes.

**DJs voted out can BATTLE to stay in.
If you’d like to continue your set, simply nominate a successor and battle them, as per Clark’s idea. Both DJs post tracks at around the same time, others vote for their fave, first to seven has the DJ spot.
If the current DJ loses, hey you at least got to drop another track and the people really have had their say. No more first spin outs.
If the battle nominee loses, stick around you might get called up to battle them again very soon.
The DJ can even choose not to battle, and just nominate a successor, like we currently do.

You could battle to stay in and and win any number of times.
You could battle the same person any number of times. Your opponent is your choice.
Battlers who know each other well could even nominate a GENRE requirement for their battle tracks.


Like it, @mrjez
The only thing I’d maybe consider differently would be to drop “the battle” criteria to 5-5…


I’m down with that @mrjez. Need to spice things up a bit.


That could be fun Mrjez.

Monique wasn’t great but it grew on me. yes


7-6! Spin again. :wink:


It could eliminate the times when you’re in two minds which song to go with. “Damn, I knew I should’ve gone with the other one!”


Trial run!


Better wait for a few more votes on the changes before we get radical?


Ohhhhh, I like the idea of a battle.
Come at me, salt-boy.


I challenge @Crazy_Bomber


Don’t like the battle idea at all. Becomes even less about music than it already is, and that’s a negative in my opinion.

I do like the idea of having a ‘set’ to vote on rather than a ‘track’.

And have no objection to changing the required votes since things stagnate sometimes. Perhaps a lead of 5 votes or 1st to 10 carries the day - in either direction. So if there are a lot of people around, it may get to 10-9, but a disliked track with few voters may go down at 1-6


Hmm…started off guitars…that’s always a good sign for me…have a Yes