The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


No, it’s from work. We get all sorts of stupid things. Bags me the 2 iphone chargers. You can have the 9 manky water bottles and I’ll throw in a smelly polyester jacket, I’ll take the classy clean glass bottle.


Sounds like my job. I’ve got a nice polyester jacket and Water bottles too.


No, little farker raids mine.


Indulgent YES



Didn’t mind that, yes.


That music was like I was watching a commercial on CNN for businessmen visiting Dubai or something. No


I posted it but didnt vote



Now thats a great put down



i get booted for playing a record that went for 10.2 ah well balaeric it be! yes it came out ona delicous piece of vinyl,its something you either get or you dont…

Klawdy ill vote no as its the same awful sick i gave prelim a no for…

My next record i had lined up went for 13.45 damn you all


The businessman was at Tomorrowland!


Don’t worry there are some here that do appreciate it.

I re-listened to it again today, before my time but recognise its one of the classics.



But klawdy you better play something good next


Yep @Kj_11 has changed the thread title in anticipation.


I have several more nail polish prizes. You will need to step up and make your case (I’d put you down for best transgender electronica). Some of the nail polishes have fancy names like Waterfall and Forest. My favourite is a dark blue sparkly one but it doesn’t have a name; best name wins the prize.


Punk Glue Blue

Mad GIFs crafted by Jack Moon


I have nfi what good is in this thread.


Nozin around nozin around


I just watched that scene again. Its basically CB and Barnz complaining about that they don’t cater to the Youff


It’s funny. I never subscribe to this. I know that my music taste is…MY music taste. And your music taste is yours. Not better or worse. Just different and if I don’t like it so be it. Sometimes when I find a track that I absolutely love I do wonder why others don’t find it catchy. But again, it’s our own personal taste and if they’re not smiling after listening to it 5 times we’re no longer friends…on Facebook. :wink:


Hi Guys,

Sorry, I’m late. Is this party still happening or what?