The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible




rock = triple m m8.


infected mushroom’s old stuff is genre crossing. can’t tell me saeed isn’t psy, glitch and industrial.


That’s loser talk, loser!


It was boring and monotonous, but it has a nice strong beat and I’ll give it a pass mark.


You’d know


That’s right. I can spot a loser from a mile off.


Yes to dreamy trance


In that case I’d stay away from reflections.


Is @JohnRain putting up a bottle of Japanese Whiskey for the winner of this new t20 style DJ tournament?


No, I have a small Flash Gordon doll that I am prepared to offer. It’s poseable.


How many number 1 hits did he write?


How small?


Deckham took the nail polish? Kind of disappointed.


125mm tall

edit, actually it’s the Flash

something like this, says Mattel on the back. May be worth millions.



Judging by the glossy clip, I guess the mud and average-looking people were at the festival with the good music. No to the rambling instrument that sounds like blowing into cupped hands.


Thanks for mentioning it, I’m having a listen now. I like it a lot.


5-4 appears to be the current score


Is that from your clever ■■■■ son’s collection?


Has it got his hidden stash in it?