The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


@Paul_Peos goes missing all week. Back for Rave Day tho.


Same. ‘Twas way too pretentious that joint.


I respect that.


Sun = Q Bar.


Yes from me.

Ok - I’m going to tentatively…trepidatiosly…suggest something.
All the banter is fine. It’s a larf. No harm done.
However - maybe it’s time to stop with the whole age/era related stuff. Just because music is not of your age - either older or younger, doesn’t make it any less appreciable, if you open your mind.


Is it alright if I just dump all the No votes (that I would have used on the previous songs) onto this one?

If so, it’ll be about 7 No’s which seems to be enough to get rid of this DJ who has clearly overstayed his welcome




I’m on board with that. Just not sure who that’s actually directed at? Has there been anything in particular tonight?


I have a soft spot, as I watched the sunrise at cafe del mar a few times. (Because I’m a walking cliché when it comes to dance music)


Didn’t think it was that anyway, only really one poster, that I can think of.

More rock v dance.


Well - you say that - but

1/ I’m not a boomer.
2/ I listen to everything, give it a go, and don’t hang ■■■■ on the era.
3/ If you want participation by all - don’t discourage it.

I’ve been happily listening to trance/dance/whatnot for 2 days now, and have added many tracks to my playlists.
Return the respect.




I think Decks needs to cut and paste that into a PM to Crazy.


what about my seven no votes from a few posts above


If it was that easy I would of voted out diggers myself on numerous sets.


But…new rules and stuff :wink:


Is 7 the go?


Its a good point.

The next time someone plays country or jazz or metal or whatever the genre, the same opportunity should be granted to explore that genre.

Just coz there is enough votes to get some dance music songs up. Doesn’t mean it should be the only genre that gets played outside of rock.

Give some love to all the styles to mix it up a bit.


Yeah for country, and western.


You can’t tell people what they should vote for…they either like it or not

It’s up to the DJ to pick the mood of the audience…do that and you survive…get it wrong and laters dude