The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


Superfluous NO for the last two


6-8 it’s over, and deservedly too.

Don’t know what those 6 Y voters were thinking.


Swoodley showing once again that those who give the angriest no votes, also play the sh*tiest music.

Gosh that was terrible.


Or perhaps that those who give the angriest no votes, incur the greatest amount of salt in return?

That last thing was pretty horrible though… absolute proof that musical virtuosity does not equal good musical feel. Guitar wankery is roughly akin to Carey/Beyonce/Aguilera trilling…


Not sure but think @up_up may have been a yes vote? Would like confirmation before declaring the death of the King.


Controversy. First adjudication from the new KOK required. Up was an implied yes vote.


I’ve enjoyed the premature dancing on his grave comments, though. :joy:


I thought it was already through on 7-6, I would have voted no for this near undanceable Knopfleresque self-congratulatory dirge.


I think you spell it pre-mature, but I like the concept.


lol that’s the way @up_up, build them up, and then lower the boom

6-9 now and confirmed, no further adjudication required


Nope. A hyphen isn’t necessary. ‘Premature’ is correct.


I kinda feel sorry for Swoods. Forced to endure 8-10 min EDM numbers that sound like the Road Runner giving Wile E. Coyote the slip. Thinks he can then slip a bog average 6+ min rock song through based on his penchant for women playing guitars. Rude awakening in store for when he wakes up. :grin:


Ha farking ha…the jokes on you lot of misogynist music haters.

Two more female vocal efforts get into the DJ King eternal play list.

You can now return to your normal effluent causing edm garbage.

(not salty at all)


Hey Swoods, interesting artist who I’d never heard of, but a fair resume for someone born in Adelaide. Harsh execution I reckon.


Do you have a DJ in mind to take up the mantle, or can I play more country songs until someone steps up?


I think this lot deserve more country songs LB

(I’m about to head of to work so won’t have to listen to them anyway bwahahahaha)


She’s married to Richie Sambora (he of Bon Jovi fame), right?


Nice avatar Swoods.


@choppsuey was recently back in the game and hasn’t had a spin since Sept 18. @AVanderScreamer & @up_up - are yet to break their cherries in 2019.


I don’t want the peasantry bringing their squabbles to me.