The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Kira with the all time super set of the millenium

Ah E17, in their very early days they weren’t too bad. Yep


I admit that they are a guilty pleasure of mine :slight_smile:

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Everything is gunna be alright. :grin:

Check out the hat and dog. What’s not to like :slight_smile:


Hat is suspect, but the staffy is lovely. I used to crank East 17 in my car on the way to pick up my GF back in the day. Add me to the guilty pleasure crew. :laughing:

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Story is great, weird as, but plenty of lols.

That is genuinely the only song in your set so far that I probably would’ve no’d, even if only just.

Just thought I’d borrow your signature line

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Thanks, I thought the episode format might be getting a bit boring (or hard to follow) for some people.

Yes: Rain, Kj, LB, Hoffy.


The next episode/song is the end of the second season, but there’s still another TEN episodes to go to finish the origin story. I’m happy to keep posting episodes until I finish or get voted out, but, I don’t want to bore people. I can abdicate, and play the final season at a later date. Anyway, open to suggestions? KoK? @JohnRain

I’ll concede that “Stay Another Day” was a quality pop song.

Yes to track/story.


No abdications, soz. The story is epic & we all wanna see it through to its conclusion & you rightfully on the throne. Keep going, please.




You cannot keep us hanging.

Everyone is on this bandwagon, most fun/activity in this thread for ages, in fact this is the very best of DJ King.


Don’t stress @smj, it’s going to be ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! Everything’s gonna be alright! It’s really alright!



Yes…and don’t you dare even think of abdicating…this is Blitz’s very own GoT and I want more


Thanks, that’s 7.

This thread is about to die in a few posts. @Swoodley you usually create DJ King threads, don’t you? Not sure.

Anyway, I’ll post the next story in DJ King VIII.

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Wait am I dead already?

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DJ King MkVIII is up and ready to go as soon as this one closes


It doesn’t look good for you Davo

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