The reigning DJ King (Mk X) is @nobody because "BLONDE IS HERE" courtesy of @Paul_Peos

The beats go on!!

This is how we roll in DJ King - the Number One Thread on Bomberblitz (Don’t argue with us…we know we’re right)

The Rules (or something vaguely resembling rules)

A nominated DJ spins a song. (all styles/artists will be given short shrift except Nightwish which will be listened to and voted through in a timely manner (may not be true).

Punters listen (or not) & vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ - with plenty of banter in between - some related to the song or DJ’s style, but mostly random stuff. There is plenty of salt and we have become a community with the Blitz community. Even one of our fearless leaders @Catherine_Lio has had a go.

If the DJ receives enough ‘yes’ votes, he/she spins again. If not, the slain DJ nominates a punter to become the next DJ & returns to voting on songs & plotting his/her revenge.

Custom now dictates that the slain DJ MUST then change his/her avatar pic to represent the band/artist that brought about their downfall.

@Kira is the reigning KOK (King of King) / QoQ (Queen of Queens) / MoDJ (Master of DJs) having spun the all time super set of the millenium . Why not have a crack at dethroning him? He has set a mark that will take some beating!!

The below link has the following which can be accessed from the tabs at the bottom left of the spreadsheet:-

List of songs played to date by which poster with thread and post numbers and with vote tallies
List of DJ’s with date and time of their last set along with the number of spins they have had
Links to each of the previous DJ King threads to allow you to go back and peruse each song and associated comments

So what’s this DJ thing about?



Read the instructions closely and you will get some idea

Why is it called Blonde DJ?

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You have to wear a blond wig whenever it’s your turn to spin

I wasted a great gag on the last post of a thread nobody now will read.


@SMJ your good at reading the fine print yeah, can I pay you to read the instructions for me?


Well you see this one time at band camp…

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Where’s the song?

Is this place where we apply for the job masturbating monkeys for artificial insemination? Asking for a friend.

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Six likes on that plus four more here… get this man a badge!


No revealing.

The monkeys?

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I don’t want consolation badges, I want exposure, dammiit!

It’s a pity we can’t bump the old threads. Would be great to have them all at the top of blitz at once.

Like the monkeys?


Just not the Hairy Poles

Hey guys, guess what?