The reigning DJ King (Mk X) is @nobody because "BLONDE IS HERE" courtesy of @Paul_Peos

Oh believe me, there’s been worse Blond DJ rounds. Way, way, WAY worse…


5points 13 - Hilltop Hoods. Turns out I’ve been riding my bicycle wrong all these years!!
4points . 18 - Girl school. Not sure if this was a pisstake, but I kinda liked it.
3points Sonic youth - for all the haters out there, come at me.
2pionts Dead Kennedys. Always upvote DK
1point 12 - Skids

There’s another track that I kind of liked but forgot it. Sorry.


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  1. Sonic Youth - Reena
  2. Prince Buster - Enjoy Yourself
  3. Fruit Pastilles - I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again
  4. Ella Fitzgerald & Ink Spots - Into each life some rain must fall
  5. Weval - Someday


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5 Fruit Pastilles
4 Dead Kennedys
3 Brittany Howard
2 Weval
1 Ella Fitzgerald featuring Bloke

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5 Hilltop Hoods
4 Sonic Youth
3 Girlschool
2 Sheryl Crow
1 Weval


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This was exactly me. I walked out of the living room watching the press conference, thinkibg “FK I hate this world, I need to listen to some music to calm the FK down”. First 3 bars…oh, this is that song. I love that movie way more than most of the other kids movies I’ve had to watch for the last 10 years.

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7 DJ’s yet to score a vote… but as a community announcement, I’ll state that Jez isn’t one of them.


I know which song cool Jez posted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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  1. Brittany Howard - Stay High
  2. Skids - Saints are coming
  3. Girlschool - Cmon lets go
  4. Sonic Youth - reena
  5. Dead Kennedys - MTV get off the air
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Ok. Gotta head out this evening. Feeling pumped now.

I’ve got a running tally happening on the overall leaderboard… it is going to be tight!

geezus i listened to them well some didnt last long looked at my votes and had only written down 2 …back to the top again…


Pretty much RATM and Tom Morello…daylight…everything else

5 Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
4 Brittany Howard - Stay High
3 Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section
2 Sheryl Crow - Real Gone
1 The Stiffys - I’m Really Good At Sex Because I’m Always Doing It


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Five Songs yet to get a vote

I enjoyed at least 15 from this set. Much more interesting than the first lot.

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I had 13 in this set that would have been very competitive in the first.

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5 Dead Can Dance…one of melbournes finest exports,
4 Bombay Cycle Club…just got in from riding 125km so like the segue was there.
3 Weval…nice video had trains in it i used to a train driver
2 Hill tops hoods…i used to be able to ride a bike like that!
1 Tessa Vilolet…at least one of you of had the balls to go down that path not so much the sabrina path but someway there!



I’ll do my UNOFFICIAL Votes

5 - RATM. (Derr.)
4 - Dead Kennedys
3 - Tom morello and Chad Smith
2 - The Skids
1 - Hilltop

Special mention Bombay Bicycle Club, and The stiffys

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