The Reigning Dj King (Mk XIV) is currently resting whilst Blonde DJ takes Centre Stage

What can I say…we’re trying to limit the dodgy types that come in here

ASB well on his way already.


Just my first beer getting warmed up, the salt is strong!!!


You do realise that is the new entrance for the dodgy types

Well I am so ■■■■■■ that everyone raves on about early punk/grunge etc then such a ■■■■■■ awesome song like Funhouse from The Stooges in a horn section which is so clever gets no love
at least @Doggatron realised it as the number one song but what would he know about music (Sarcasm )


coz Funhouse isn’t actually fun or any good. It’s like that movie The King of Comedy that isn’t remotely funny or any good.


So you didn’t listen to the song

Or maybe it escaped your attention span because it went for over 7 minutes

Whoah, whoah, whoah… easy tiger! Not funny, no. But it’s not supposed to be… a narcissistic TV host and a delusional wannabe comedian. All the characters are completely unlikeable in their own way, and it’s a race to the bottom.

Under-rated film, and it wouldn’t be in the bottom 80% of De Niro films, given some of utter excrement he’s churned out in the past 25 years.

Oh I know it’s a boring dirge that goes waaaay too long. I’ve heard it too many times. Iggy is good but even he can’t make that one work.

The salt in the final will be particularly tasty.

Sounds like an imperial gose.


About time you showed up in here…after all, yours is the only name in the thread title :wink:

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Maybe due for another thread on why radio shaped songs to less than 5 minutes, KGLW releasing massive songs these days

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Unlike this post, which made me laugh hard

These songs would want to be good. I feel a tidal wave of salt coming.

Not from me so much (I took a chance in R2 and failed dismally… any of my other tracks would’ve been a better selection…)

But… if a good song is dragged down by a poor one it will be named and shamed.

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As if they’re the only ones who have released long songs

Stop wasting your energy here at the moment…rest up so that you can really unload when the time is right (as soon as Jez starts posting the tracks for the final). :rofl:


So penting

I went through all The Stooges albums recently. Fun House would be my favourite.

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