The Reigning Dj King (Mk XIV) is currently resting whilst Blonde DJ takes Centre Stage

The beats go on!!

This is how we roll in DJ King - the Number One Thread on Bomberblitz (Don’t argue with us…we know we’re right)

The Rules (or something vaguely resembling rules)

A nominated DJ spins a song. (all styles/artists will be given short shrift except Nightwish which will be listened to and voted through in a timely manner (may not be true).

Punters listen (or not) & vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ - with plenty of banter in between - some related to the song or DJ’s style, but mostly random stuff. There is plenty of salt and we have become a community with the Blitz community. Even one of our fearless leaders @Catherine_Lio has had a go.

If the DJ receives enough ‘yes’ votes, he/she spins again. If not, the slain DJ nominates a punter to become the next DJ & returns to voting on songs & plotting his/her revenge.

Custom now dictates that the slain DJ MUST then change his/her avatar pic to represent the band/artist that brought about their downfall.

@Kira (who deserted us along with @JohnRain)is the reigning KOK (King of King) / QoQ (Queen of Queens) / MoDJ (Master of DJs) having spun the all time super set of the millenium . Why not have a crack at dethroning him? He has set a mark that will take some beating!!

The below link has the following which can be accessed from the tabs at the bottom left of the spreadsheet:-



New DJ King Official Thread Mk XIV

Beware of system generated fraudulent threads that ask for your bank account details.

Only post here (after the previous thread closes)

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Thread 38 how did we get here?

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What??? :crazy_face:


This post should have been an entry in the “before it’s time” round of the current Blonde DJ

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If anyone is struggling this site let’s you search songs by words in title

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Thread 9 by my count


Hi everybody

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new thread

I’m feeling good


I just knew and so glad I got you through I will be voting for your awesome double ender

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WTF I was asked for from my email, photo and drivers license number on entering this site

We can destroy that

Don’t harsh my buzz man

There’s plenty of time and posts to turn later

Sorry were you a finalist ?


I only just caught up on the last thread, so am still angry.

And by still angry I mean still angry about @Deckham faux scientific voting system.


Would be good if someone can post the updated finalist on this thread…you know to keep it current

Yeah, it would be good to be reminded of my absence one more time.
Just as we plebs know who we are, the upper class and privileged know who they are…


Did you play a song ?