The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


It’s dead.

Can we keep playing?


Was waiting to give you the honor of reinstating your own thread.

Was about to time you out and start it myself.

Though Rolo said it does it automatically, looks like a no on that.


I was waiting for some idiot that wanted to edit the titles to make the thread*** fixed.


He did say it would automatically start again.


Please restart it somewhere, I don’t want to read the actual football related topics


I’m thinking we call the new Dj King! thread, DJ Boss!

Boss is more inclusive.



Why do you hate royalty so much?


DJ person?


are we really djing? all we’re doing is pressing play…



Not necessarily binary, gender neutral, non authoritarian purveyor of musical offerings.


quote=“GeoffBlethynsGlasses, post:9995, topic:12251, full:true”]
“It’s like a three-way spit

When all you need is a wank.

It’s like wanting James Hird

But getting Steve Dank.

Isn’t it ironic…”

Banner thread innit


lay off the bikkies charlie, you’re in the wrong thread.


Was trying to come up with something similar, you beat me to it.

Let’s run with that.


This threads not the same, it’s lost the magic


because a song hasn’t been played.


I was alone with just my thoughts for about 10 minutes. It was horrible.



did frankston make it through?


I went to see what the news was with Essendon. Realised there wasn’t any, apparently Myers vs Langford is still a thing. Got depressed and did some work for the first time in a few months.


love all the people in this thread acting like they didn’t also spit a dummy when they saw the team…


Was more of a sigh this week. I don’t even have anger left.