The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


Some really good characters in that. Oh and the production…


Saw Grimes at
The laneway festival in Singapore. She’s better live than this suggests. Yes despite my bitterness at joining the one spin wonder list


They remind me of a group of girls I once saw at a festival. I kept staring at them all day, because they looked amazing, but after finally having the balls to go talk to them, it only took me 30 seconds to realise they were dangerously insane, and I needed to run for my life.





Wish this song was made 15 years ago when magic mushrooms were legal in Japan and a hell of a lot of fun. Yes.


It was ■■■■■■ cold today.



but you didn’t did you?


But did you?

Edit: too fast Barnz


Fark no, the danger to my life just made them hotter


did it make you bitter like @diggers ?


Spin @frosty


Oh yeah, spin…

Now I’m playing indie rock that sounds like it’s from 1995, but is much more recent


you disgust me.


Yes. Solid start


Wtf you go and do that for?

I did kinda like it though. Yes.


fool me once.



You may be even more disgusted by the one I have cued up if this gets through. But It’s wednesday night, can’t go using all the friday night tracks!


Ok then, yes


That was alright. Yes.


didn’t mind that one in the end