The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


Should have gone with the stadium rock track…


looks like 3 and done in the time it took vanda to get murdered + 5 minutes




Make it 1-6



that was an improvement



Play Everlong!


I’m torn with this track.
There are elements of it I like, but is it strong enough to issue a positive vote ?

Fukit…the strange percussion timing is annoying me.




If I go down here I offer @Lifetime_ban the reins


Modest and vulnerable. If that were Slutcore, we’d be hit with the motherland of predictable oversexed attitude and attention grabbing. Yes.


This remind me, the P•rn King would be a sensational idea for a thread. And you thought this thread was illuminating…


It is allready.

Diggers threesomes and his fetish for black women
Peos crazy chicks fetish


That was actually my nickname (no shit) from 2003-2005 here in Japan. Ah, never mind.


noticed how diggers mellowed heaps after that?

cathartic? i think so.


He’s been yelling out Fraaaaaaanklin all these years. He just needed an honesty session and all the repressed angers gone.


I mentioned this the other day, but used the term ‘slutwave’ - most on here had never heard of it. Don’t mention the song (as I know you will easily guess it), however, think early 00s. Japan connection. Not really slutwave - but kinda. Yet to be played.




Meh…lacks any substance…NO


I like the set so far. Less so this one but Yes.


Love your avatar swoodley