The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


Jethro Tull. Risky.


Jethro Tull denied ‘and justice for all’ the Grammy. I’ll bring some justice no


Risky all right, @Lifetime_ban plays DJ thread like a game of Russian roulette.


Another one struck of my playlist …


that and the complete lack of any bass in the mix on that record…


Loved Aqualung!


Just realised I’m up…give me a moment…


And justice for Jason!


OK, vote away:


…AJFA is one of the most appallingly mixed albums of all time (to go with St Anger and Death Magnetic which are some of the most badly mastered albums of all time). No bass, kick drum treble turned to 11, drums on the whole that sound like suitcases, tinny guitars etc. etc.
Bob Rock gave them a much better sound, but that coincided with a drop-off in their songwriting. Would be interesting to hear …AJFA re-recorded with an engineer who knows what they are doing…


Different, interesting, yes.


Too Westernised…but something a little different so I’ll yes that.





First ball yes.


This is what happens when fucksticks vote a DJ out on Jethro Tull.



A DJ mate of mine used to play that dark, trippy, ambient stuff back in the early 00s. He lived in a converted warehouse & it was kinda fun to drop by his joint late in the evening & chill out over some spliff politics. Not an arvo track, but, yes.


Sounds like something which would be played in the background of a travel show with Catriona Rowntree (or someone of that ilk) covering Goa.
Not my cuppa, but I’ll give you a first-ball yes for now.


Wasn’t it more the amount of coke Lars Ulrich was consuming and overriding the engineers. It was his shot ears that produced that mess. Although I still like the album.


OK who’s going to be the one and go there?


I remember watching Catriona when she first started on some kids show.