The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


This. Yes. Just.




the song tried but didn’t really get me but give it a yes anyway because it’s the antithesis of the EMD/techno/trance rubbish that is the usual order on Thursday night.


Friday morning salt from Uncle Chop Chop! Me likey.





Dunno if it’s just me but that thing feels as if it’s been absolutely done to death as such the past 10-15 years usually over cleaner production. Vapid.


That’s more than 10 yeses, spin again


It’s too early for this stuff…a nice gentle little song to ease into the day.

I heard this band for the first time when they supported Neil Young here in Perth a few years…I really like(d) their sound.


Lovely stuff @swoodley. V.nice indeed. It’s right in my wheelhouse but I’ve never had the nurries to play something like it here (I’d imagine it’ll get accusations of being fey, bland, dull etc.)


Fey. Bland. Dull. Etc.

Good bloke YES


Good choice for the morning song





This is a different set by you @swoodley you often play sort of gothic metal(how I describe it anyway). This is a different side of your tastes.


Definite yes for you Swoods. If Bakes had played this it could have been a different story. :wink:


Really like the highball vocals, not so much anything else but the vocals get it over the line. Yes.


Yeah, it’s nice, vocals a bit Wilco. Also has that feel of - ‘soon to become the soundtrack for a NAB commercial’. Either way, on one listen, a YES.


I really liked that and wished it had another verse/chorus to it, it ended too quickly. Yes, and thanks, I’m gonna listen to more from them, great vocals, cool moody folky sound.






This might be my very first “good bloke” yes :star_struck: