The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


Those vocals are bad, real bad. Can’t believe Bakes has given it a yes. NO


Subliminal Messaging


I once booed a cover band - who was playing this - to such a loud and obnoxious extent, they stopped playing it.

I probably should have been punched that night.

Still would have been worth it.




You’re going to do it to me again aren’t you.


Told you I was the kiss of death…
Folks get salty when I No them… they should be rapt!


Cover one’s tracks. Eliminate all witnesses.

Big fat no.




Played a jazz version (instrumental) of this (for shits-and-giggles) at a friends art exhibition. It was a swanky affair, and we thought it would be fun to see if we could prank the 'sophisticated’ crowd. As expected, nobody recognised the cheesy-pop goodness hiding underneath the be-bop arrangement. Numpties.


DJ Kj_11 (third spin)
SONG #1162 Teenage Dirtbag, by Wheatus

YES: Wimm, PP, Baker, Klawdy, Kira
NO: Jez, hambo, Peos, Rain



Yes to your 3 tracks Kj.


I’m happy to give this a…





@Crazy_Bomber’s account has been hacked



You still acting salty over in the tennis thread? That’s one shitfest I’m not getting involved in.


You’re smarter than you appear.


I’d have to be.


YES from here to hear


yes spin em again @Kj_11




Melancholy Tuesday


Not chipper :frowning: But, free YES for brave song selection.


Interesting selection…it’s worth a yes